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How Dummies Report the Gulf Oil Crisis

Posted on July 06, 2010 by bp complaints

The Dummies recap their months of bashing Obama over the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill

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  1. Anothercoilgun says:


  2. kungfooed says:

    @TheSpankymonkey I’d say it sounds like most News stations. They should have included, “we’re about to die down here”. That was the best dummy news reporting they could have had fun with. All of the stations sound like crack heads when it comes to the BP oil spill. ALso where was the Kevin Costner and James Cameron jokes. That would have been easy targets too.

  3. TheSpankymonkey says:

    @pabobfin – Amazing how it sounds like Faux News too.

  4. classicallady says:

    @brenbags Who are you on HuffPost? I am fanofariana…lol

  5. classicallady says:

    He’s gonna a little gangster….go play on your FB…PRICELESS.

  6. brenbags says:


  7. Megawatts37 says:

    How in the hell can the Pres. do anything? The DEP is out their watching and giving advice to BP on how to do the job. But, they “Palin and the Tea Baggers” believes that the Federal Gov’t should pay for the clean up. NO WAY!!!! BP is the ones who have to pay the bill. These retards always want the Gov’t to jump in and do something. In all reality, it is not the Gov’t reasonability to clean up the Gulf. Just to oversee the clean up.

  8. scotsirishlass says:

    Brilliant as usual!

  9. EdisunSolar says:

    Sad but true

  10. SpookeyR says:

    @InternetMasterMindX: If you want to blame Obama for continuing the policies of the Bush Administration, fine. But, it was the oil industry, both Bush Administrations, and conservatives in general that were pushing for deep sea drilling for decades! Now that the shit has begun to hit the fan on this issue you are pointing the finger at someone who, if at all responsible, is THE LEAST responsible!!

    Nice try, failure.

  11. SpookeyR says:

    This video is HILARIOUS!!!

    BEST deion of Faux News that I have seen on YT to date!

  12. HighDesertDJ says:

    Oh god Sarah Palin that is hilarious.

  13. TresJolie7 says:

    “Hush dummy, go play on facebook!” LMAOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  14. NoProphetNYC says:

    @InternetMasterMindX Huh? How does that realte to your initial argument? Did you even google the phrase and read the paper? Critics may say, ‘had I realized I was speaking to an idiot I wouldn’t have bothered responding.’

  15. InternetMasterMindX says:

    @NoProphetNYC but if a disaster like this occured you wont be able to fix it because its in deep waters. better oil or not is less important than safety

  16. NoProphetNYC says:

    @InternetMasterMindX Funny thing is when you get your information from dummies you become a dummy too. Oil companies drill in deep waters because that’s where they believe the best oil reserves to be. But don’t take my word for it. Google “2004 mms where the energy is” to see MMS (largely agreed today to have been captured by the industry) report.

  17. NoProphetNYC says:

    @justabill61 Funny. Since 80% of the lines are quotes pulled directly from Fox News, one has to wonder who the real “zombie” is …

  18. InternetMasterMindX says:

    @jaywillie77 wow you guys are fools. you need to open your eyes to who really is to blame. You know we could of beeen drilling in shallow water so that we could fix the problem but no you had to drill in deep water didnt you! well guess what obama is to blame not bush!

  19. justabill61 says:

    More garbage from Obama Zombies.

  20. liberal4evermore says:

    I have read that scientific theory being a possibility, and it’s the end of us if this should happen. What happens to the 30 other deep sea rigs in the gulf if there is a tsunami? Tsunamis travel under water until landfall, so imagine what it will do to the drill piping undersea. It gives chills……maybe 2012 is not a movie but a crystal ball.

  21. jjccccc says:

    how do you feel about the fact that this oil mess will cause a 229m high sunamie wave once the pressure eases off on the well and sea water enters the well and permiates magma below oil level causing an under sea quake that will contribute to the stopping of the atlantic conveyer causing the next ice age. Is this a guaranteed way of global population control or what shame on you guys

  22. jaywillie77 says:


    “Drill, baby, drill.”

    And, of course, now we get to watch Republicans defend BP.

    So, there ya go…also, several missed opportunities during the Bush years to regulate safeguards that could have ameliorated this situation, thanks to chumps like Dick Cheney and his secret Energy Task Force.

    The difference between Bush and Obama – Obama got BP to pony up $20 billion; Bush gave away millions in taxpayer dollars to BP.

    Rough being a member of the Gas & Oil Party, ain’t it?

  23. MsNika008 says:

    LOL!!!!! This is great!!

  24. jamessk82001 says:

    Hypocrites. If it were bush or any other republican, The main stream media would be all over it every day of every second. Trying to make some kind of connection. Especially if he was the one that received the most money from BP

  25. jpdsurf says:

    This rocks!

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