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US oil leak National Catastrophe

Posted on June 04, 2010 by bp complaints

US oil leak National Catastrophe


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  1. shwell says:

    Soon you guys are not going to arguing over such petty shit. This is the worlds biggest disaster and right where it deserves to be. I guess it’s payback for polluting the earth but so localised. There is no stopping it, the reservoir has years of oil in it and it’s all going to spew out into your gulf.

  2. BandoleroMariachi says:

    Not to mention the US is in a War for Oil…

    Texaco, Exxon, Shell say thank you so much!

  3. StigmataBOB1 says:

    Isnt it odd that in this times, the Drill Baby Drill people are being exposed for what they really are? Greedy, Lying, self centered people? Destroying the planet for their greed and then lying about it? They are being exposed for what they really are.
    Or is this what Jesus meant by
    Their will be deservers in the End times?

  4. cocaaaacolaaaa says:

    wtf is wrong with you people.. get a clue.. they are destroying our resources what good will oil do if there is nothing left on this planet.. sure no one thinks of that though just dollar signs in their eyes…. we already destroyed most of our wildlife as it is.. but they don’t care.. soon they will be whining about that.. which will be too late.. and like this guy says.. this is what we deserve for not taking care of our resources it’s only going to get worse… idiots…

  5. mattandpatti222 says:

    @youvegotmysong don’t drink kool-aid! you don’t have a clue what is going on do you? Do you really think it was a accident?

  6. youvegotmysong says:

    Dont smoke crack.

  7. mattandpatti222 says:

    @facestomp88 The big agenda is for a New world Order under Rome Vatican! E.U. and U.N.! ok! look at my channel to wake up.

  8. mattandpatti222 says:

    I heard that this is a set up by Fed/Bilderbergs to help push cap and trade. One guy commented to me that this was a 80’s oil rig that they blew up. Boaters said they saw oil at least 18 hours before coming from 3 oil tankers dumping out old sluge refined oil?

  9. angelous146 says:

    Wow, you are stupid, just so you know, do some research. 😉

  10. ThePuttytatt says:

    @squaaaaash I agree. People never consider the fact we have an oil based economy. Everyone enjoys the life style we live, possible by consuming huge amounts of energy. We waste more oil than some countries use. Then when something as this happens, all in the process of supplying Americans with oil, people start whining. Of course the hype from the media doesn’t help.

  11. ThePuttytatt says:

    By your video it’s clear you know nothing about the oil industry or deepwater drilling and production. The USA consumes about 25% of world production. The drilling contractors and oil companies spend billions maintaining compliance with USCG and MMS regulations. What are you doing to reduce the consumption of 19.5 million barrels of oil we Americans use every day?

  12. squaaaaash says:

    What these ‘foreign’ oilcompanies are doing is to pump the oil out of the sea, sell it to the americans, who then put it into their SUVs to drive to the mall. Bad timing to start complaining about ‘foreign’ companies, just because it happened in front of your own door.

  13. guizmodog says:

    This seems like more false flag in on the US than an accident when the end game involves this type of Nationalistic superpower of a company. Now they want to drill another well too cutt off the pressure below the Rhode Island sized rig that sits on top of the seaping well head under how many feet of water ? And this could take how long as the loss one thousand barrels of oil lost a day streams on too our now sterilized gulf coasts. Lots they are holding back in this video

  14. facestomp88 says:

    I wish we knew the agenda’s of all of these companies for sure, if everyone did I am sure the world would be a different place. I really don’t know if I would want to know everything our own government is doing really, just look at the contras deal that had a little light put on it, war on drugs and the CIA were the ones bringing in the coke to jump start the crack age…..nice….

  15. jcattera says:

    They’re intentionally trying to kill the fish. Georgia Guidestones in full effect to maintain humanity at under 500M. That’s a 90 % reduction to the world population and it is their agenda! Not to mention the natural rotation of the ocean undercurrents which affects the weather throughout the entire world. We could be placed into an artificial iceage if this continues and they don’t stop it.

  16. UniqueExposures says:

    Your right man dead on right. These idiots need to stop being so greedy.

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