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The BP well isn’t sound enough to be plugged. Here’s an alternative (till the relief wells)

Posted on June 21, 2010 by bp complaints

The well may be damaged at a lower point than is being shown on TV. Plugging the well may cause further leakage or rupture. BP has expressed concerns about this. This idea would avoid that risk because it would not cause back pressure in the riser. The oil would have to be pumped out and hauled off by tankers at a rate of 20 to 40 thousand barrels a day, and this would pose a big challenge, but it’s not impossible. It’s certainly better than the alternative, which is to let this destruction go on till the relief wells are done, which could be many months away.
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Rally against Oil policies that led to the BP oil Spill off Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. Department of Interior What you can do. Phil Aroneanu from www.350.org which “is an international campaign that’s building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis–the solutions that science and justice demand.” Steve Kretzmann from Oil Change International priceofoil.org “Separate Oil & State is a US campaign to get oil money out of politics. The greatest barriers to clean energy are political, not technical—and these barriers are largely fueled by the oil industry. We know that in order to achieve a clean energy future, we have to expose and eradicate the political influence of the oil industry; ”

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  1. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @centralthought – well thanks

  2. centralthought says:

    Clever idea. 🙂

  3. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @Jai666666666 -hey thanks

  4. Fummy007 says:

    @datzfast they were using the oil from the hole

  5. Jai666666666 says:

    I had a very similar idea, only it would be from bottom up, like a parachute. Well done, it is a good temporary fix, they wouldn’t be chassing the oil over the 7 seas and it’s a cheap, and easily implemented solution.

  6. philoplatt says:

    This is an awesome idea! Do a vid on a giant screw going into the hole and watch BP ignore that one too!

  7. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @mtbikerak – hey thanks

  8. mtbikerak says:

    why not? any better ideas

  9. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @datzfast – sure, try it with seawater first. It may work, and that would be easier. This wouldn’t be like the dome (which wound up with a big block of ice in it) because it’s more free-flowing.

  10. datzfast says:

    @tinroofbusted look dumbass is a simple tie bag solution so stop all the science crap, it aint funny. save your R values for tampon production.

  11. datzfast says:

    because this is a flexable bag i would try it without added oil first because the hydrates wont stay in place they will float away with the oil

  12. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @TomJackson986 – okay Tom what do you think should be done? The oil’s still coming like mad and doing terrible destruction. What do you want done?

  13. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @datzfast – it might be all right through a hurricane. Remember at a mile down the waters are very still, even during storms. The top would be jostled about, but that would be on floaters and there would be plenty of give. At worst, it would pull off the well head and have to be reattached.

  14. datzfast says:

    it was stupid to drill the hole, if the oil wasnt going to be used why did they drill the dam hole.

  15. datzfast says:

    not a bad , just looks tempoary in hurrican season what then.

  16. TomJackson986 says:

    honestly do you know that its coming out of there so much faster and more powerful than you even know, and with terrible chemicals that are under the earth that people cant breath. we are in bad shape, and all your doing is just throwing pointless ideas.. I hope they consider this one with a way wider tube though

  17. jibbi4one says:

    @LisaJ4Liberty It’s really about the risk metrics which one to take.
    I would opt for the short one. I’m sure the gov’t will opt for the long one which is the more messy one. A huge area the Mississippi delta region & eastern gulf area will be polluted w/ oil for long time.

  18. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @jibbi4one – I don’t have a strong prejudice about nukes, but a lot of people are frightened by them and would be upset if one were used. Maybe the military could just use it and keep it hush hush. This gushing well with BP in full charge of it frightens me a lot more than a nuclear bomb, actually. I guess that doesn’t say much for BP’s PR campaign!

  19. jibbi4one says:

    @LisaJ4Liberty I don’t think the area would be too hot with radiation. Besides the blast area would be off limits to humans since humans don’t normally go there. Except deep sea critters and they wouldn’t be effected that much.
    No, the real disadvantage is no company would be able to drill for oil or gas in that area for a long time. That would make most nature loving U.S. southerners HAPPY !!!

  20. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @jibbi4one – would this sort of a nuke leave harmful radiation in the area? That’s the thing that has a lot of people frightened of this idea.

  21. jibbi4one says:

    @LisaJ4Liberty Some undersea nuke shots have occurred but at shallow depths. We’re taking about a low yield compact device to be cabled down to the depth desired presumably decided on by Geo engineers and nuke explosive experts. You’d want to crystallize a plug. Non-nuke doesn’t crystallize. I would imagine you’d witness a large dome of sea water rise and possibly a small plume but not the typical nuke plumes of sea nuke explosions in past history. Radiation blast in seawater is minimal @ depth

  22. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @jibbi4one – you’re right, a nuke could work. I’m wondering though if a non nuclear bomb might do the trick suffiently. If it flattens a good length of the subfloor pipe that would be a permenent fix.

    I’m also wondering about what sort of problems a nuke might case with regard to the coastline. I would think some sort of tidal wave might be a concern. But 80 miles out and a mile deep maybe not.

  23. jibbi4one says:

    @LisaJ4Liberty Nope Lisa…can’t agree. No one can tell me for a fact a nuke detonation won’t work. It’s a profit & legality issue Test Ban Treaty. People have to realize nuclear detonation can also be used as a peaceful tool. For use in oil/gas pollution prevention, space travel propulsion, and NEO (Near Earth Object) impact prevention.

  24. daveextra says:

    the film(s) released so far show at lease 2 separate leaks at 2 separate locations. one is a fractured pipe along the seabed and the other a fisure in the seabed floor.
    understandably, b.p. and the federal government are not being totally open.
    b.p. has claimed a week ago that the spill has been stopped. not true. they may spin this to “reduced”. not true either.

  25. LisaJ4Liberty says:

    @jibbi4one – the chute would be large enough to have it at a safe distance. It wouldn’t be ripped by the force of escaping oil. Beyond that the pressure will be equal inside and out. It’s liquid to liquid. One doesn’t compress the other.

    A nuke is probably overkill. A powerful non nuclear bomb might be a good idea though.

  26. 4cClubT says:

    bet all them protestors voted for obama-heck with the oil, al gore said the polar bears are dying

  27. oiledseabirds says:

    Lets bring in clean energy and take the big oil companies down

  28. sassygirl345 says:

    You guys are GOOD, join the FIGHT AGAINST THE NWO…
    the KEY TO ALL CONTROL!!!!

  29. sassygirl345 says:

    you will never have clean energy,, the problem is none of them want it

    gold,oil, drugs.. second its way to expensive and we are in a global economic crisis.. do you really thing the global elite owners want you to used wind for energy.. we would be too INDEPENDENT… they want us to NEED THEM!!!

  30. ralliart2000 says:

    ‘No more offshore drilling is going to be tolerated by people in the U.S.’

    You are kidding aren’t you? These people need to get a grip on reality.

  31. cjm608 says:

    @oryzen you give me any information i will spread it. you want me to help you i will. if you spend some time educating me on some of your points i will listen.

  32. oryzen says:

    @cjm608 I’ve been waking minds for 20 + years. I have a plan I know what needs be done I’m just waiting for all of you to get on board. The problem is uneducated illiterate mindbots like these guy’s, hamper the vine of knowledge to bear fruit. There ain’t much we can do until a better part society wakes up to the truth. What they’re chanting “ho ho hey hey clean energy is here to stay” ain’t the truth. They are being manipulated and controlled by the puppet master’s. Do your research!

  33. cjm608 says:

    @oryzen knock it off. you sound silly. all your doing is name calling. come up with a plan and help.

  34. oryzen says:

    Look at all these idiot mindbots playing right in to the hands of the plutocratic dictatorship elites. I can’t believe people can be that stupid. I ‘ll bet you my bottom dollar that these idiots also protested against global warming. Uneducated, illiterate media brainwashed mindbots. If the media tells them to go jump of a bridge to save our planet, you think they’ll do it ?

    Wake up People

  35. av8tor17b says:

    Ethanol is the renewable fuel here, now, that can replace a great deal of the gasoline America uses today. The first municipal garbage waste to ethanol plant opened two weeks ago in Cedar Rapids, IA. It makes ethanol from garbage- 6 million gallons in one little plant. The first of the next-generation ethanol. For the same money we spend in one year in foreign wars, we can have 250 of these ethanol plants built in a year, and stop all foreign and Gulf of Mexico oil. YES WE CAN.

  36. ActsOfFreedom says:

    Petroleum can be totally replaced by hemp oil. Cars were originally designed to run on hemp based fuels. If hemp had not been criminalized, we wouldn’t be living in a world of pollution like we are now.

    It does not take a law to correct this. It simply takes the act of removing hemp and/or cannabis from any dangerous drug classifications. This is supported by science. This has been repeatedly proven by science. Once removed, we will see clean fuels take off.

  37. NatureCitizan says:

    very good idea 🙂
    if i wouldn live in austria i would go with u 🙂
    but i will build my page and will not stop informing 🙂
    its time to change!

    do ur part! protect ur planet!
    greetings barney

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