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Sanders Calls for BP to Pay for Gulf Oil Disaster

Posted on June 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Sanders presses Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli during the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on whether or not BP should pay for all the economic damages from the gulf coast oil spill.
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  1. TheKilgoretrout says:

    Senator Sanders is America’s Senator as he speaks the truth.

  2. hypnofan35 says:

    @hypnofan35 It is a basic law of reality on Earth or in nature: you score better with dishonesty than purpose. It is like your lives are being enslaved by some table game players that can get any official person to back up their lies. I would say there was a “Satan”, but before it was Hitler or Stalin, but now it’s Cheney.

  3. hypnofan35 says:

    @hypnofan35 More than likely there is a group of secretive/very wealth people who are trying to go for control of a market or something such. They do an act of war and deception where they are nearly certain they will never be caught or blamed. They probably would hire a hit man for me if they thought anyone would listen to me. They can kill you if you question them or their methods.

  4. hypnofan35 says:

    Sad to say this, but why not look at the common personality that could be a king pin in this disaster. Cheney was there at the ’70 bombing of UWis, Oh by the way, so was Arnold.. This is Republican gambit in nature, They did it, but for some “power reasons” or agreements no status holding person is allowd to believe reality. I know they gang up and tell you that you should be dead or something will happen if you are not on board. It’s oil wars.

  5. continuityofliberty says:

    @nutblast23 I agree with you, but if we’re going to address the cause of the problem it’s necessary to identify ALL causes, not just those that allow us to place blame on select parties.

    Not enough of us pay attention to the little hidden clauses slipped into bill after bill (after bill, after bill…) by sneaky politicians. We assume that because they’re on “our team” they’re acting in ways that benefit us, but they’re often acting on behalf of special interest groups.

  6. FranklinParkIL says:

    @nutblast23 The question was not directed to you.

  7. nutblast23 says:

    @FranklinParkIL I would say no to the first question and making a tribal racial thing is pulling the “race card” the same as Blacks would be accused if they made this statement. Especially when it’s baseless and only the question because he is Jewish!! Would you be asking this question if he were Christian and Irish? Probably not..

  8. nutblast23 says:

    @continuityofliberty So we complain when the government regulates but then blame when there isn’t enough regulation? Shows no accountability for big business!!! WE ARE ALL REPONSIBLE FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT, EVERYONE OF US!!

  9. AnitaMarieStewart says:

    Dem and Repub Reps, BOTH took BIG OIL MONEY and are just as responsible for this mess as BP is. They allowed 3700 oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico without oversight and with no back up plans and without weighing out the risks to environments, flora, fauna and people!!! There are just as many Republicans as there are Democrats who DON’T WANT THE DRILLING. This is not a party issue. 3700 wells in the Gulf never lowered our price at the pump, nor did it provide jobs to the local populace.

  10. tacitus7 says:

    I don’t agree with Senator Sander’s socialism, but many Republicans are at fault here. They had a hand in the cap to damages. There never should have been caps to damages for BP. In a true free market system, which I thought Republicans supported, if you damage somebody elses property, you must make restitution! Frankly, the caps probably caused BP to be greedy without being fearful. They would have been more careful if it were not for these caps.

  11. btc8128 says:

    The obstruction that is accruing in the house and senate is grotesque and unforgiveable. I will say this though, Republicans have learned a lot since Newt shut down the government and then was fined and forced to leave in disgrace in the 1990s. Now they stop government in petty and cowardly ways without ever really sticking their necks out, kudos to you republicans. All without a thought for people who depend on the government to do its job. Youre going to get your asses stomped this fall.

  12. continuityofliberty says:

    Bernie doesn’t address the fact that the reason BP was able ignore safety factors is because of regulations passed by Congress.

  13. longshot9999 says:

    Break up BIG OIL

  14. FranklinParkIL says:

    Dear Senator Sanders, If it wasn’t BP and it was AP would you feel the same? If there wasn’t enough oil to run our beautiful United States of America, not enough oil and gas for our cars would you press then for offshore drilling?

    Senator Sanders, where is the Federal Government now that our Southern coast needs clean up and prevention of further contamination? Secretary of State Rahm Emanual said that there should be mandatory service for young people. We need them now for clean up.

  15. newbetterandhappy says:

    Close BP!

  16. DannyEmbry says:

    how can they expect us to wait and see if BP will pay for the damages?
    get ’em bernie

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