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Papantonio: Is A BP Bankruptcy Possible?

Posted on June 21, 2010 by bp complaints

BP’s most recent containment plan for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill turned out to be a failure. With no immediate viable options remaining, the company has now thrown their hands up and is actually asking the public for their input on how to contain the leak. Meanwhile, oil continues to spew out of the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, threatening anyone who lives or makes a living on the Gulf Coast. Mike Papantonio appears on The Ed Show to tell us how BP might go bankrupt as a result of the scope of this disaster, causing those most affected by the oil spill to never receive compensation.
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MOXNews.com June 14, 2010 MSNBC Keith Olbermann
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  1. pugjr1976 says:

    EVERYONE hoping BP goes under are idoits. MILLIONS of Americans will lose BILLIONS of dollars. Plus BP won’t be around to help clean up this mess. Wake up people and think before you speak.

  2. xenogofis says:

    i hope BP does not go bankrupt cause who is going to take care of all those jobless people hmmmm perhaps some motor vehicle companys… wait a moment

  3. xenogofis says:

    @bmwrockstar american taxpayers will be paying to keep the (formar) employs of BP afloat

  4. bmwrockstar says:

    So if BP goes bankrupt who will pay for the rest of the cleanup?…my answer…probably the american taxpayer
    I hope they go bankrupt so this can be an example if your an oil company and you spill oil. This can happen to you!

  5. ubber13 says:

    @manulamb what a fucking asshole

  6. mscojr says:


  7. Relugus says:

    “We did not have the tools you would want in your tool kit”, so says Tony Hayward. Yeah, BP could not afford the tools for their toolkit, after all, they are only one of the richest corporations in the world, how could they afford it? I guess like so many corporations these days they expect the taxpayer to shoulder the cost.

  8. twizatch says:


    You are a complete imbecile. Let’s cheer for one of the largest companies in the world to crumble due to an accident. Yes they should be accountable, but eliminate the company as a whole?!?!?

    BP has operations in over 100 countries across six continents. There are very few companies that employ more people than BP. But yeah, let’s root for their destruction. You jackass.

  9. nonamesnonames says:

    “How could the BP engineers not know this was going to be a heavy lift?”
    I think they’re pretty well aware. If we had competent management at our companies, competent governance of our affairs then engineers would have been tasked with – and provided resources for – developing contingency capabilities for these situations. You can bet the engineers spent time evaluating the risk of this situation.

  10. manulamb says:

    What can we do to make BP go BANKRUPT ? My God, that is the only thing these crooks deserve!!!!!! BP BANKRUPTCY NOW !!!!!!!!!!

  11. annettepickle says:

    BP is doomed, thank God! Doomed! Bad karma from the BP and CIA-sponsored coup in Iran in 1953 that overthrew the democratic government of Iran.

  12. rrcartermi says:

    @882me if only our best scientists were as smart as you! What the hell are they doing drilling if they aren’t prepared for worse case scenarios?

  13. 882me says:

    Idea 2: Big vacuum that seperates oil from water. Captures the oil, releases the water, etc.
    Idea 1: Don’t drill in sensative areas. And if you do, and it fucks up, have the technology ready to clean it up.

  14. dkkght46 says:

    Mort Zuckerman: World Sees Obama as Incompetent and Amateur
    The president is well-intentioned but can’t walk the walk on the world stage. A window licker could have told you that in 2008. Only now are the dumbasses realizing it

  15. Ascended111111 says:

    and where the fuck is our useless, hopeless so-called president. his head up his ass i guess.

  16. pulsescan72 says:

    white house followed by bp gas stations.

  17. FreedomRebel says:

    hell yeah…
    what u think will go up in flames first…white house? or BP gas stations ?

  18. pulsescan72 says:

    This is the biggest false flag since 9/11. This is TERRORISM!

  19. jvforever72 says:


    we are utilizing a multinational( Google), to even discuss this

  20. lordkoos says:

    This should have a million views at the least.

  21. roseysunrise says:

    @grizzzlyjoe the CDC is run by big pharma, and Wow, did Barry finally pic a Surgeon General?… all I know was for the longest time, we did not even have one, and it was during all the swine flu pharma hype. I thought that was really strange….

  22. coastalmermaid says:

    what off the fishermen?

  23. rjnovac says:

    @MrMemag So true. I just don’t know what else we can do to help.

  24. spomoses says:

    This is 911 all over again. lies lies and more lies. America keep watching your TV, it will tell you everything you need to know. Now go to bed, and be good little boys and girls. Uncle Sam will take care of everything. Our hard fought American history throughout the world, over 200 yrs worth, sea to shining sea, Screwed since 911

  25. fairhillnorrie says:

    its all to late… Obama is to late.. so sad..feel sorry for the people affected by this what i can only call a criminal act.. ie no plan B… . from Ireland..

  26. jh4dc5s says:

    mox news is a Disinfo channel. They are probably run by the jews like everything else. they are making fun of the disaster. your buying it. lol

  27. MrMemag says:

    Many of us are not greedy.
    Many of us don’t deserve to die.
    It’s not my greed, it’s theirs, and they must be judged.

  28. ORNGLOC says:

    Its beyond that… yea… they dont deserve none of the Evils of this world… But because people are greedy… The world will continue to be as Evil as it is… It is because of our greed.

  29. socceric17 says:

    @jsmith2142 The respirators DO NOT do anything. Benzene will absorb through your skin and clothes. All the workers are as good as dead by the end of the year. People need to evacuate the area asap!

  30. jsmith2142 says:

    why are they even cleaning? its still spewing. by the time this whole thing is over the gulf will be destroyed, shore areas will be evacuated and quarantined, more people will die, benzene birth defects will appear, and BP will mass a mountain of lies. those workers absolutely need respirators. BP is wrong for not protecting them and the workers are stupid for not demanding protection or bringing their own. DO NOT GO VOLUNTEER TO CLEAN UP. that is a death sentence. and evacuate yourselves now.

  31. jsmith2142 says:

    DOWN with BP

  32. Tressco says:

    End BP already!!

  33. InternetSpanker says:

    BP is a main player in your shadow government. They are much higher up in the food chain than Obama

  34. InternetSpanker says:

    I just got off the phone with BP Response line – I urge EVRYONE to call (don’t be chicken-shit!) and see for yourself how much they can’t tell you. There is not enough space here to even begin! DO IT NOW! BP: 1 281 366 5511

  35. LoryLandskipper says:

    Death by oil is one of the sickest things man has done to nature.

  36. InternetSpanker says:

    Preserving crime scene evidence is okay…uh…unless it’s evidence from 9-11.

  37. hitheresunshine says:

    We shouldn’t blame the people who aren’t responsible. BP is to blame here. Not the civilians, not the Queen. The corporation itself is at fault. They didn’t follow through with proper procedure to save on time and money, and gave up safety in the process. We don’t need to start a culture war here. We need to focus on those who are immediately at fault.
    If we widen that focus, then Americans are just guilty for enabling this to happen, by the way.

  38. MrMemag says:

    @ORNGLOC Sorry, but I do not deserve to die. If you are greedy go and die.
    Or carry a cardboard banner on the street or something.Why do little children deserve to die? Because of greed? Come on. Share and you might feel better about yourself.Cheers!

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