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oil spill solution, in 1 minute

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

Cut and Jam method can be the best way to stop BP oil spill. Best Material for the jammers is Titanium! It’s ductile and strong, Production friendly and Affordable compare to Tantalum. All detail is on my BLOG: orion62.blogspot.com Jam either the riser or the wellhead is both fine. The jam the riser just cut at the near well side and them place a ball type jammer will do. If the joint between riser and well head is broken. Just cut the pipe off and jam the well head using the tube type jammer. Tube type jammer could even be fired from a cannon into the well head and detonate. But inserting using robotic arm of ROV is best. BP should not just ask for Idea but let people know detail to give Idea like what’s the status now. How big the pipe dia. How thick what meterial like that.
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  1. andasin says:

    “why dont u go play de taxi gammme” lol is this russell peters talking in this vid??

  2. heruursciences says:

    I’ d try to explosively activate the main BOP shear rams first. If that fails, A tantalum explosively formed expanding perpetrator with your method will do. Tantalum would be best because of it’s good ductility, relative inertness to sea water, and high mass. The physics are a lot different in an incompressible fluid like water though. The only issue is the pipe may have an internal drilling tube in it as well, and a section would need to be removed before this method can be tried.

  3. nekopheliac says:

    @orion198606 Haliburton wants a big mess so they can ‘clean’ it up for profit.

  4. orion198606 says:

    The reservior have only 50 million barrel of oil. Assume that’s 70 dollar a barrel. In total it’s 3.5 billion dollar
    The cost of one deep well of 2 month cost 50 million. Seal the hole then drill another one is not that complicated.(If they still have chance)
    The cleanup and total fine and compesentate is for sure to excessed 10 billion.
    They hurricane is coming. Those boom is trash when 10 feet wave hits.
    The Gulf of Mexico is going to die.
    There is no way to stop this. Too late

  5. nekopheliac says:

    They’ll only find a way to stop once they’ve drilled a new profitable hole. Just like in 79.

    Great work on your ideas. peace,

  6. orion198606 says:

    Viscosity of oil under such pressure the motion of liquid is governed mainly by the pressure the viscosity is not an issue.
    The explosive forming is actually not that rapid like in shaped charge. The amount of explosive must be calculated to do just the expantion needed while not rupture the expander or the BOP or Casing.
    Of couse I can’t do that calculation or simulation because I am not a professional.
    I guess that the expantion will take around 100mini seconds. I feel that.

  7. bravecat100 says:

    @orion198606 Your idea may work just fine. My catheter idea should be used with vectran and hydraulic. It should be able to withstand a tremendous pressure. It can be propped up in minutes with common materials. With your version, a quick exploding expansion of your tube may cause the low the viscosity oil to have no place to go and could burst the pipe.

  8. orion198606 says:

    Pale you have to mind this kind of plug need to counter react the tremendous gushing pressure ot the oil. And they can’t provide the stucking force.
    Only a metal’s deforming or pressure induced friction can counter react the pressure.
    Titalium expander is the quickest option.

  9. bravecat100 says:

    If the explosion is too great then it can blow the pipe. I made a similar idea on my video to plug the pipe but without calculations . Please watch my video, it might inspire some of you guys for better ideas. watch?v=00gt97Vh-cA

  10. orion198606 says:

    Even Now their so called top hat is failed again. it using a force between the oil density and water density to such some thing that gushing out at much higher pressure. And the result is 2000 barrel a day! Still leaking out the hat.

    What not they just use a bigger siphoning pipe to compensate the flow rate.
    What not they just adopt my idea as backup incase the junk shot doesn’t work?

    I must say the white house, BP, all of them is dummy. Their incapability killed the Gulf of Mexico.

  11. orion198606 says:

    Now I just hope their junk shot method will work. And they have waste 30 more days to do what I can figure out to complete in 1 week.
    Under such serious situation. BP’s response time is horriblly slow and ineffective.

    The dome method from proposed to carry out take too long. And if I know the oil have methane gas in it I would notice the problem.

  12. orion198606 says:

    I really don’t think they know better than I do or respect them.

  13. easytodo123 says:

    They are all good ideas, we respect BP engineers and their work, they know facts more than what we know, but we would like to share our ideas with them to stop the disaster!

    Please check my video at youtube “watch?v=Y8Rp1lcZaq0&feature=email”

  14. orion198606 says:

    That’s not right.

    Indeed it’s a damn productive self eruption oil field. But drill a new wellbore cost no more than maybe 10million.
    And the disaster now cost BP 10Billion and lead to total lose of drilling rights in USA.

  15. magmarin says:

    If BP wanted to stop the oil spill, they could have done it in 2 days, but they are considering keeping pumping oil from this rig because it’s an important one, and making money on it of course.

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