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Obama on Oil Spill Blame Game

Posted on June 04, 2010 by bp complaints

President Obama spoke out about the oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and the blame game played by the corporations behind the oil rig explosion.
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  1. HMG5588 says:

    @dannnynieves Please put the cap back on the amonia bottle when your done mopping the kitchen floor at the special ed school you work at to pay for your govt for pathetic liberal nimrods class. U’r brain is desolving into that of your bastard in chief u hehawing dumb jackass.

  2. HMG5588 says:

    @dannnynieves U are an idiot. U can’t even point out where any of Obama’s policies are constitutional. GWB is gone. U can’t blame the lack of Obama’s leadership on anyone but Obama and his dad. Oh, but he didn’t have one. & neither did u no doubt. Because if u had one, he would of kicked your ass till u walked on the right path of personal responsibility. Instead u want govt to do what u should have the gumption to do for yourself, your family, your neighbors, & your country. Jackass.

  3. dannnynieves says:

    Hey dummy, you need to take a course in reading comprehension, when President Obama re-organizes the educational system in this country maybe you can get your H.S Diploma.

  4. dannnynieves says:

    Everything you are saying about Obama actually applies to GWB, he made the U.S the laughing stock of the whole world. If you think I voted for Obama because he is black, then why didn’t I vote for Jessie Jackson when he ran for President?. The more you write the more you sound like an idiot. It must really hurt you deep inside every time Obama outwits you dead heads. Ha ha ha Obama 2012!

  5. HMG5588 says:

    @dannnynieves U’re basing your entire argument on an “interpretation” that has no legal basis for implementation. U voted for BHO based on him being the first black man running for the office without a care what he would do. & now that he has dragged the economy down w/ bills he forced thru & demolished the status of the US around the world, u are fighting to validate the biggest mistake u made in voting for him. God help u. U stupid, blind, liberal, lazy, nation destroying cancer.

  6. dannnynieves says:

    When you grow up maybe you will be a man and not hide behind dahoss.

  7. dahoss2x says:

    @dannnynieves When Danny grows up, he may prefer to be called Dan. His last name however, is better spelled naive.

  8. dannnynieves says:

    Every time the right knocks President Obama, all we have to do is flood the internet with this video to remind the American people what an idiot we put up with for 8 years, never again.

  9. dannnynieves says:

    You can lead a hoss to water but you can’t make him drink.

  10. dahoss2x says:

    @dannnynieves <------This retard actually thinks that HE is smart. LMFAO!

  11. TheJackOfHearts7 says:

    @AlliesStrike1944 I don’t much like Obma, let alone think he “walks on water”. But I don’t see how it’s his fault that a private company made a private mistake. All he could do was put massive resources into solving it, which he did.

    Compare here with Bush on Hurricane Katrina, which was in furthermore much more his fault than this is Obama’s fault.

    Double standard.

  12. dannnynieves says:

    That’s all I need to debate with you shit-heads. LOL

  13. AlliesStrike1944 says:

    Is anyone actually listening to this clown anymore? Every single time he opens his useless mouth bad things happen. He screwed up royally and as usual, blames the previous administration. Is ANYTHING his fault?? Ever?? He’s a broken record, empty, alone and totally unqualified to make sound decisions. He’s an agenda driven, race bating, piss poor leader surrounded by a gang of people just like him. All you dummies still listening to his dribble believe he walks on water.

  14. dahoss2x says:

    @dannnynieves <-----Obama apologist witha pea-sized brain.

  15. dahoss2x says:

    @MuNaAaH At least I can spell words correctly. You are an illiterate goon.

  16. dannnynieves says:

    My you really are a narrow minded stupid jerk, do you see how a truly smart guy can bring out the real you? LOL
    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. ”

  17. HMG5588 says:

    @dannnynieves Jackass: Who said that health insurance is a right u should have? Who said that people should have the right to buy a house they can’t afford? Who said the government should be your mama & wipe your ass when u are too fat & lazy to do it for yourself. Go to school. Get a job. Build good credit. Raise a good family. Stay married. IT’S ALL YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! U DUMB LAZY GOVERNMENT TEET SUCKING MAMABOY JACKASSES. Better yet get the fuck out of my country.

  18. regopark1978 says:

    He’s got nothing to say so he blames, blames, blames. That’s what he’s all about, words, no substance and just blame everyone because all the dummies who believe this turd will continue to believe his prose.

  19. ConservativeRuleinUS says:

    This Obama is such a fraud upon the USA.

  20. Sunneyskys says:

    “I will not tolerate more finger-pointing”? Does he have any idea how many times he has pointed back to a “former administration” for things he promised to change? Lead by example sir. No one listens to your rhetoric anymore…they’re on to you.

  21. dannnynieves says:

    Lest we forget.

  22. TheVeryMuchSoShow says:

    @MuNaAaH Why don’t you go drink a big glass of motor oil ? Are you a gay crusader like Obama? Now Obama says June is gay month.All Obama can think about is gay gay gay.You have to wonder about this guy and his obsession with all things gay.Are you gay? Is that why you are upset? If so that’s too bad.This is not the time for being a gay crusader when the ecosystem is being destroyed.The oil is _still flowing_ and killing the planet and Obama is worried about gays haha what a dope:)

  23. dannnynieves says:

    The premise for giving tax cuts to the rich was that they would invest in America, however there was nothing in the tax code that would make the rich do so. Being the greedy little fuckers that they are they took the money and invested in China instead. Back when Tricky Dick went to China, they only had 1000 miles of paved roads. China was re-built with the tax cuts we gave the rich, working men and women in America paid the price. Wake up dummy.

  24. dannnynieves says:

    Yes I loved the way he passed the health care bill, and now that we do not have to worry about caps on our insurance or being denied insurance for pre existing conditions the smart people of the U.S are happy too. When GWB borrowed from the Chinese to pay for his blunder he put upward pressure on interest rates, the genius forgot that sub-prime mortgages were due to re-set, do not blame Clinton, blame GWB and Greenspan they were driving. To see a Jackass look in mirror. LOL

  25. HMG5588 says:

    @dannnynieves Oh u’r an Obama apologist. Do u think the way he passed the health care bill was right? U think it’s going to save money? U think this is a match between presidents? BHO sent 17K more troops to Afg just a few weeks in office! U think GWB told him to do that? U think GWB caused the housing market collapse? Clinton did that! GWB couldn’t do a thing bout it cuz the dems had the house! Try 17% unemployed! & manufacturing driven oversees due to heavy US taxes & unions! Jackass!

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