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New Underwater Video Examines Multiple Leak Points Causing BP Oil Spill

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

Oil Spill Update Gigantic oil and gas bursts gush out of a secondary leak point in the May 18 video on right. The insertion tube is seen in the May 17 video, bottom left. Also in the May 17 video, dispersants are sprayed near the leaking riser pipe. The top left video is dated May 10. Subscribe for #oilspill updates. Thumbs Up to promote video so others will see. For more visit landofthemarvelous.com Tags dispersant riser pipe syphon gulf louisiana alabama mississippi miami lauderdale “palm beach” turtles coral reef pelicans oilspill oilslick oil BP Deepwater Horizon Transocean Halliburton Anadarko wellhead junkshot containment boom dome rov rig blowout ixtoc exxon valdez volcano geyser loop current gulfstream “new orleans” biloxi
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  1. hotbbojbud says:

    r u retarded?

  2. lexyota says:

    God, please smite the entire BP board, their families and all shareholders too. Thank you.

  3. driftalotapus says:

    @mmx747 that onlt works for above ground oil wells not deep water….

  4. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:


    WANT THE TRUTH WATCH MY VIDEOS ~ NOT for the weak minded!

    You will also see how the 44 p PO ~ tus is Lying though his ears~


    There is an Animal in the white house!

  5. mmx747 says:

    the can put (1-3 ) atomic bomb under water /
    the huge explosion will destroy the pipe and bury the well for good.

  6. agentzippo says:

    @chocolatepowershovel This will still be gushing oil in 15 years…..

  7. AnarChristy says:

    What if it never stops?Seriously, they may never cap it and it will just keep going, the entire planet polluted.
    What if the sea floor collapses. Tsunami? An even bigger gusher?
    Why was this allowed to happen.
    Why are people still driving trucks and huge cars?

  8. chocolatepowershovel says:

    will it take at least 15 years for the gulf coast to clear up?

  9. whyteninja says:

    type this in your youtube search bar -GEORGIA GUIDE STONES

    read the stone monument and u’ll understand y they r not stopping this fucking mess. im meen….come on people!!! it’s literally written in stone 4 us all 2 look @!!. if u dont @least question what im suggesting u 2 watch….then ur a brain-dead idiot. a hopeless sheeple slave idiot.

    n plz dont mind my typing..it’s just faster 4 me:)

  10. Govhater3 says:

    It’s been nice knowing you Gulf Coast.. 🙁 I guess the next question is, how long will it take for the entire Gulf Coast economy to implode (bldg 7);o?????

  11. rail70 says:

    RE: Muliple leaks videos: Where are these leaks coming from? The one given o us by BP on their live feed earlier this week was from the broken riser at the top of the blowout preventor (BOP). Where are these secondary plume leaks coming from? Part of the broken riser on the ocean floor, BP pipes or what? BP offers no suggestion ever.

    The black plume now being monitored via BP’s live feed is not the same rust colored feed we got earlier this week as top kill proceeded.

  12. skaraborg55 says:


    Well, kind of…unusual. Seems to be a clip from Philippines or similar. If it was in Sweden he would have used snus instead. 😉

  13. Theladiesman04 says:

    @skaraborg55 watch?v=xePgC8wHDXI&feature=popular

    Have a look

  14. skaraborg55 says:


    He he, it’s cool. His other comment about the “very modest impact” was even dumber.

  15. Theladiesman04 says:

    @skaraborg55 LOL Sorry mate. (Egg on my face)

  16. skaraborg55 says:


    That was not my but Tony Haywards comment. I just quoted his idiotic comment.

  17. Theladiesman04 says:

    @skaraborg55 Is that a serious comment ? Or are you a hick ?

  18. SpiritLadyArtist says:

    The Venus Project is proposing what that change should be.

    It is a resourced based economy not a money based one. Sustainable.

    To go see what it is about go to theVenusProject at dot comm and theZeitgeistMovement at dot comm.

  19. art88 says:

    The motto for the big chemical companies still stands ; the solution for pollution is dilution. And they have been poisoning us for many many years now.

  20. WinterHaven says:

    @progrocker69 You know what I REALLY love about the chemical dispersants? It keeps the oil out of sight – out of mind. They mixed it directly into the crude and it makes the oil go beneath the surface where it can settle on the ocean floor and poison the eco system for decades to come. Oh, but I forgot – it all evaporates. Remember the US government never lies. Trust me – want some candy says the US Government.

  21. WinterHaven says:

    @HalEBurton Drill Baby Drill! Yeah man it’s all good!

  22. WinterHaven says:

    @HalEBurton But the US Government says it will ALL EVAPORATE!

  23. skaraborg55 says:

    Tony Hayward

    “The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean. The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume.”

    Sometimes you wonder…how stupid can a person get?

  24. skaraborg55 says:

    BP, a bunch greedy incompetent idiots. Get rid of them NOW. Call in real experts instead and stop this leak.

  25. 51516 says:

    Looks like someone ate Chipotle last night!

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