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LMRP Update – Gulf oil spill BOP Flange Hiccup

Posted on June 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Gulf oil spill BOP Flange Hiccup!! Its more than little ears and rough edges BP is trying to cut from the BOP Flange. There is a pretty large steel “tab” they now need to cut off. It should be a minor setback at most and most say that it should actually have been expected by BP. How well BP is able to remove the tab could possibly effect the amount of oil that BP can capture. Inaccurate title or description? Post a comment and I will fix it. Follow live blogging of this event blog.alexanderhiggins.com Watch it live here: blog.alexanderhiggins.com
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  1. mophocrackho says:


    Exactly, I have independently come to this same conclusion which leads me to believe it is an option considered. Keep it simple. A BOP is essentially a gold-plated shutoff valve. Using a flange would ensure 100% seal, then turning off the shutoff valve would result in 100% stoppage of flow. I would believe that such hardware is available to handle the expected pressure. I would also believe that underwater tools are also available to enable the installation.

  2. 8waltertank says:

    Cut the bolts on the top flange and remove the top flange. Once this is done you are now ready to install a blind flange, in place of the one that was just removed.
    A blind flange is simply a flange, like the one that was removed, only there is no hole in the center.
    Or, install a new flange, that has a valve that is attached to it. After the flange is attached, the valve could be shut, closing off the leak.
    Why are the ideas of the people that care being ignored ???

  3. lman4u2 says:

    i will never buy from b.p even years from now.. there is a limit 4 every thing. and this is pass mine… if this business live pass this then what do that say about us?

  4. madgator2 says:

    take that flange off & put a valve

  5. duguder says:

    It should be careful or might cut out one of its own arm.

  6. kuriosko says:

    @ThePuttytatt Hi, A problem like this has never happened before, but it is a process of risk should prepare for all eventualities, BP and the U.$. government had no security as a priority. Happened in Brazil, the Petrobras P36 platform that exploded but this disaster not happened because the safety devices worked. Hopefully this disaster will soon arrive at the end without the entire planet, fauna and marine flora and all the inhabitants of the coast are not paying with their lives.

  7. ThePuttytatt says:

    @kuriosko If this situation was a common occurrence the technology and tooling would exist. Drilling offshore in the Gulf began in the 1940’s. Nothing such as this has occurred until recently. Not a bad record considering the fact every well drilled is into the unknown and in a challenging environment.

  8. kuriosko says:

    This is very very sad. NASA could not find a solution? I understand the difference between the sky and the sea, but with so much technology you would think something that would channel the oil to the surface. Where are the engineers of this country? If the wars had been fought on the ocean floor had certainly appropriate technology for this case! This is all the oil were looking in the Middle Eastern?

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