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Gulf Oil Spill Response Product BlackD ®© Coast Of Mexico BP Deepwater Horizon Answer?

Posted on June 11, 2010 by bp complaints

Witness the amazing properties of our BlackD ®© that absorbs oil from water and is easily removed. www.blackd.co.uk Black D ®© is non toxic and environmentally friendly and does not adhere to sand or rocks – Protecting wildlife and seafronts etc. Is this the answer to Gulf Of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil spill we think it could be, or for any other spill around the world. Black D ®© is a product that absorbs oil and other petrochemical substances. Black D ®© is environmentally friendly and fully tested. It is fully registered and copyrighted. Interested parties are invited to contact us. www.blackd.co.uk or follow us on twitter twitter.com

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  1. amazingblackd says:

    @baroncorky thanks for your support we will keep you posted John

  2. baroncorky says:

    @amazingblackd – Well done Black D – I hope the White House authorise use of your product! It’s much needed to be sure!

  3. baroncorky says:

    @spermo1 – I presume spermo1, that you are as passionate about the environment as I. I have been following Black D closely and found that it is Non Toxic, environmentally friendly, actually protects our wildlife and shorelines. Not like the dispersants currently used. They say other dispersants are only toxic for e.g. 28-40 days – as if that’s okay? The damage has already been done! They’re still polluting our earth and murdering our wildlife!! Black D can 100 per cent say, IT IS NON TOXIC!

  4. amazingblackd says:

    @spermo1 Black D as we have stated is fully tested and is non toxic – totally unlike the poisons they are using now – It IS environmentally friendly and is fully tested by Environment Canada, SL Ross Canada, A.E.A (Atomic Energy Authority UK), RAPRA Uk. We have all test certificates available and these have been submitted to the White House!

  5. spermo1 says:

    who knows what kind of shit is in this stuff…it might absorb the oil but probably has chemicals just as harsh if not worse

  6. energyxprt says:

    These people are wasting their time with these solutions. A big oil giant like BP is not going to buy any of this stuff. There is something behind this oil spill that no one will understand. Its political, it involves making more profits and its illegal but they will get away with it. The best thing for this product is to use it in a mechanic shop to clean up an oil spill.

  7. amazingblackd says:

    Hi the answer is i do not know there is a cartel operating the so called experts have a hidden agenda I was told by one of them in the arabian gulf 1991 We make our money cleaning Beaches not oil at sea more oil spilt more money ?if you did your job as well as them youd be sacked as a failure it shows how incompetant they are just look now they cant even seal a leaky pipe !

  8. baroncorky says:

    Are they going to use this?

  9. amazingblackd says:

    @BardOfEarth – Black D can be made available very quickly as much as is needed and it is cheaper than other options that do not work – Anyone in a position to use the product can contact us through the website and email in the first instance – Black D is fully tested, safe, environmentally friendly

  10. BardOfEarth says:

    You’re the answer to a prayer! Message me here on YouTube HOW MUCH OF IT IS AVAILABLE AND How soon can its makers get it to the gulf. I’m an individual but I SPREAD Words!

  11. baroncorky says:

    One word … AMAZING!

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