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Gulf Oil Spill Dying Bird Philippe Cousteau.MOV

Posted on June 19, 2010 by bp complaints

Philippe Cousteau discovers and oil-covered bird from the BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill on the shores of Louisiana.

Feel free visit ow.ly ow.ly ow.ly Oil Spill Timeline (Infographics) BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles continues to insist no massive underwater oil plumes in ‘large concentrations’ have been detected from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But deep underwater – the oil is so thick that it blocks out almost all of the light below. As seen on AP video images filmed by divers 64 kilometers off the coast of Venice, Louisiana.
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  1. Rocketryman says:

    Eat the bird.

  2. yesjenisback says:

    sigh dawn dish washing liquid will be booming please help it!

  3. conglomerate8 says:

    @REPOTAG I do have a big-thick thing that could bring tears into your eyes! Would you like to give it a try? It will give you a feeling of being drilled! Just like the way BP drills !!

  4. REPOTAG says:

    phillippe cousteau is a little drama queen

    yeah its a bird, yeah it is damn dead

    but this crud of “a life was just lost in front of me’ performance did not bring tears to my eyes

  5. lplascencia79 says:

    Kill the bird.. and then throw it in oil

  6. toddmorrow1 says:

    The BLOB – Black Liquid Oil Barrels. I think it’s time to give this spill it’s own name, like they do hurricanes. I saw the movie “the blob” and it kept getting bigger and bigger and killing everything in it’s path, so I nominate this as the name.

  7. StephenKingFan100 says:

    @xyz0mx no, he could’ve helped it

  8. JhonJamTV says:

    instead of saying anything …. save the bird! hahaha

  9. P00P0STER0US says:

    I presume you either helped or killed the bird.

  10. P00P0STER0US says:

    Horrible, just horrible.

  11. MrShy1974 says:

    dont just talk..help the bird…gosh, People.

  12. blutiger108 says:


  13. JUSTACHIPN says:

    This is so sad and………..

  14. xyz0mx says:

    was it too late to help the bird ?

  15. Nature626 says:

    Aww no! I hate this! Your doing amazing work!

  16. MrYomamma45 says:

    well help it jackass

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