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Gulf oil spill BP ROV performs welding on BOP

Posted on June 12, 2010 by bp complaints

ROV performing a welding operation on the BOP at the bottom of the Gulf seafloor… Watch live here blog.alexanderhiggins.com
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Congressman Steve Cohen questioned British Petroleum America Chief Executive Lamar McKay at a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing about the Gulf Coast oil spill. Congressman Cohen focused his questions on how and why British Petroleum did not plan for a worse case scenario when drilling in the Gulf Coast and how it will work to prevent a future disaster like this from ever taking place again.
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  1. mphseason says:

    Mr. Cohen, thank you for being our congressman. Can we drop them in the oil and see if they can swim to shore through it ?????

  2. babzisapinko says:

    off with McKays’ head!

  3. mynameisabag says:

    Corporations do not eat or breath like you or I, they eat the world trying to exhale goods and services. Why? To inhale money. They are less akin to man than to machine and so Artificial Intelligence ALREADY exists my friends,and it has already turned on us. We created corporation and now corporation will either destroy us for what we are or we will destroy it for what it is–those are the 2 only possibilities.
    Why are there only 255 views? Because corporation is in control.

  4. 411Emissary says:

    You would think that protections systems for offshore oil drilling would be triple redundant at the very least to prevent this type of environmental catastrophe. And interesting how the BP exec/douchebag mentions working closely with the MMS(Mineral Management Service) a toothless organization in charge of regulating off shore drilling.

  5. freeweed says:

    BP are fools for not expecting the worse.

  6. I am personally boycotting BP gasoline stations because of this. It’s really a travesty that they have not stopped this oil gushing into the gulf.

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