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Gulf Coast Oil Spill Helicopter Aerial Footage RAW Video- Gulfport Biloxi Cat Island

Posted on June 23, 2010 by bp complaints

Some of the best overhead coastal shots available …….
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  1. hondacr60r says:

    @NYCfinest821 your a proper idiot does darwunderful rule and run the world like obamaosoma

  2. NYCfinest821 says:

    @Darwunderful what can obama do to this…before you start pointing a finger why dont you do somthing….how have u helped so far?

  3. mattandpatti222 says:

    @OzzyPatriot We are trying to find out to if this is BS? reports are bad aroung Grand Isle, but hardley ant you tube vids w/ oil down the coast?

  4. rrose2009 says:

    I have a video complitation on YouTube but can’t post the link here. Check it out.

  5. Darwunderful says:

    It is worse now wait until this get stirred-up by hurricanes Where are the oil tankers siphoning this up like they did in the mid-east OBAMA I voted for you and you sadden and sicken me me with your lack of effective action!!

  6. pig5689 says:

    The Bank execs & oil execs should be forced to clean up every last drop with their tongues. They can start by tonguing the asses of the brown pelicans they’ve soaked in their black diarrhea.

  7. Ebanyee says:

    @123123bradbrad what i said is not important to the others but only to albenanl who I replied .

  8. 123123bradbrad says:

    @Ebanyee im just playin, but post in English or i dont know what your sayin

  9. Ebanyee says:

    @123123bradbrad no

  10. 123123bradbrad says:

    @Ebanyee ur pet chicken scratch that out for ya?

  11. Ebanyee says:

    @IranContraScumDid911 That makes me so happy 😀

  12. IranContraScumDid911 says:

    @Ebanyee I agree!

  13. Ebanyee says:

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  14. whateveryousay11 says:

    Great video – thanks

  15. sapoe3 says:

    @Bmxer00002003 im not german

  16. Bmxer00002003 says:

    Amerika is German for America….


  17. sapoe3 says:

    @albenanl way to spell america right

  18. pkzownz says:

    more then a month later and its still around….USA is becoming shit, we need to learn to keep our shit up..

  19. albenanl says:


  20. FurryChannel says:

    @albenanl fuck you too.

  21. LoudOranism says:



  22. TheTominator45 says:

    great video, but your username is retarded. 911 was perpetrated by Jihadists, hiding in Afghanistan, funded by Pakistan.

  23. Glockenkratzer says:


  24. Glockenkratzer says:


  25. Glockenkratzer says:

    Man sollte die Verantwortlichen für diese sauerei Öffentlich Hinrichten.

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