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Giant Underwater Dome To Stop Oil Spill

Posted on June 11, 2010 by bp complaints

Efforts are continuing in the Gulf of Mexico to stop the oil leak from a US oil rig that exploded and sank last week. Heavy seas however are hampering the works. During a previous attempt, four robotic submersibles conducted an unprecedented operation to shut the leak with a giant state-of-the-art device. BP plans to collect leaking oil on the ocean bottom by lowering a large dome to capture the oil and then pumping it through pipes and hoses into a vessel on the surface. Around 160 thousand litres of oil is pouring into the sea from the well, causing a massive oil slick that could pose an environmental disaster. Wake Up From This Matrix (Msg Me). SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. Copyright: www.youtube.com

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  1. pastrulazo68 says:

    @phil1958uk they didn’t care

  2. Sevilea says:

    Rush Limbaugh is the voice for the republican party.

  3. javowiz says:

    Jewish bank financing this again!!!!!! Look to BP board and check members/connections. They cause misery to millions and destroy lives for money. But, I do understand that US Gvt regulators had plenty cocaine, prostitutes and bribes to keep Americans off their back. Good old BP and American way of life. Now they got same as Exxon Alaska spill every 4 days in the Gulf. Lies all the way/oil company denial before this. Time will tell if people care/do something.

  4. MrTomatoes123 says:

    OMG…where the hell is Bruce Willis when you need him…We need Ben aFlec too.

  5. phil1958uk says:

    Was’nt this the wrong place, for an oil rig?

  6. america4hemp says:

    we dont need fossil fuels cannabis hemp is the #1 fuel farming 6% of america with hemp would provide all our energy needs transportation heating electical industrial without the pollution LEARN THE FACTS ! hemp is #1 food #1 fuel #1 fiber #1 paper #1 medicine

  7. BR177 says:

    giant what ? ahahahah just pump the water and filter the oil you cheap irresponsable bastards… whoever they may be

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