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Geomancy of the Gulf oil spill disaster conspiracy and more Jefferson Ley Line

Posted on June 27, 2010 by bp complaints

The gulf oil disaster and location of the Deep Water Horizon wreck is on the alignment created using the NW boundaries of Washington DC Other interesting sites on this line include three structures designed by Thomas Jefferson, The Georgia Guide Stones, Town of Monticello (georgia), Sant Rosa Island (florida), and now the site of the Deep Water Horizon. Is this an occult alignment or a chance occurance?

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  1. SurvivalCell says:

    @nadeem5476 great idea. thanks for the input.

  2. breedsauce101 says:

    Hey there CORT! Always nice to hear your voice. What a fucking MESS these monsters have unleashed on us. I have been saying for a while that this thing is going to get MUCH WORSE. They cant stop the flow and just wait till Hurricane season spreads this oil across the bottom half of the United States and FEMA starts to relocate ALL THOSE PEOPLE. Can you say NO NOVEMBER ELECTIONS! I hope I am wrong about that. Nice to hear Gravy in the background, not much music in my life these days. PEACE OUT

  3. nadeem5476 says:

    make the background music volume less and increase the commentary volume level /

  4. RunAMuckGirl2 says:

    Our energies for a quick resolution to the earth and the Gulf State residents. Thank you for a amazing work Sir!

  5. OscillatorCollective says:

    very good work, and i do think you are on the right track…

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