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DEATH AT SEA! No End in Sight as Oil Spill Spews Out of Control

Posted on June 05, 2010 by bp complaints

Bush/Cheney to Blame? THis guy says they were paid off- www.youtube.com Worse than they thought? www.youtube.com LA Times said – “BP and Haliburton came out of closed meeting looking like deer caught in the headlights- No end in sight” 11 Dead, ocean devastated, endangered sea turtles and dolphin washing up dead on shore in record number, economy killed- Who is doing something about this? We have some ideas please join us tomorro on freedomizerradio 4-5 Endangered
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During his time in the Senate and while running for president, financial disclosure records show Obama received a total of 051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years.
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  1. Matsutom says:

    @jmarlow31 obama is a puppet lol, govt and corporations are in these scams togeters. goldman sahcs dumped 44% of its shares in bp weeks before the oil spill. Gets you thinking huh. Latest estimates are over 2.9 million gallons PER day!

  2. Matsutom says:

    obama is a puppet lol, govt and corporations are in these scams togeters. goldman sahcs dumped 44% of its shares in bp weeks before the oil spill. Gets you thinking huh. Latest estimates are over 2.9 million gallons PER day!

  3. Matsutom says:


  4. jmarlow31 says:

    you go girl!!!!

  5. sparkie231 says:

    why doesnt obama just part the ocean like moses to make the repairs easier

  6. Kostly says:

    Obama = Manchurian Candidate

    Mission: Destroy America and the entire world, ultimately.

    Wake up people! Soon we will have to make a choice. You stay in wonderland and keep to the “system” that has been put in place by the financial global elite cabal (yeah, those guys who start wars for profit, false flag attacks to justify fake wars, and, engineer economic collapses) or you can choose to rail against that poisonous system and destroy it.

  7. voltron0602 says:

    Oil companies and Politicians are one in the same. There is a way to solve this but noone wants to spend the money. You pigs will pay for poisoning the Worlds’ oceans

  8. OsamaBinForgotten2 says:

    Check this out
    “GOLDMAN SACHS ” DID SHORT THE GULF!! e-mail proves it!!!!

  9. vagrantbeer says:

    U posted on May 5th , now its May 28th & its still Gushing Oil , & now i here there’s another Hole 5 to 6 miles away — Making me sick

  10. tvlam59 says:

    We need 50 millions strong soldiers, 50,000 ships of all sizes, line up along the gulf coasts, each packed with hay stacks and do the cleaning right away,
    Even with this massive operation, it would take 5,000 years to clean up this crime scene created by Obama and his cronies..
    Obama must resign now, he had helped the BP to destroy our ocean and land.

  11. sasktank says:

    (acoustic valve trigger ) would have prevented this

  12. valenkim says:

    You go girl! I couldn’t have said it better.

  13. valenkim says:

    You go girl! I couldn’t have said it better.

  14. MFcpep says:

    we need to take back the government!

    we can put a man on the moon,,, but cant plug a hole…..?

  15. EZgoN2 says:

    I’m so mad I could piss fire, seeing all the birds and animals dying bunch of sobs.

  16. shanestar says:

    you rock!! there is life in the dessert though..they shouldn’t have bombed there. it is going to go to the caribbean… part of the problem is too that rigs get the marshall islands to govern..which is why the marshall islands flag was flown on board..i see it like incorporating in delaware to avoid taxes and laws.

  17. jimmi0082001 says:

    If you guys want to form a a group to petition congress and hold the Obama Administration and BP responsible let me know. It’s time to start fighting these criminals . Also to file criminal charges against Dick Cheney who should have been put on trial for war crimes against Iraq along with George Bush and Condi Rice !

  18. adrianfi7 says:

    Sorry lady but you don´t understand who “these people” really are they own the courts, the police, the army, they own the UN, They own America, they even own you. So don´t waiste your time it´s good that you want to do something but we should have done somenthing 50 years ago, now it´s too late.

  19. nevermime says:

    Political corruption + Reckless greed = DEATH

    When a drunk driver kills innocent people do we say it was just an accident?

  20. sharingideas says:


  21. KMelKang says:

    Well said! I am behind you 100%. My heart breaks for the loss of life that the oil company created. The loss of Sea Turtles and other Marine life is criminal and horrific! My soul weeps for the hatchlings who are never going to see the light of day and die as they dig out of oil crusted sand and the eggs who died. The other life forms that died and from the hands of the money hungry oil people. I am outraged and angered to a plain that I have never been to before. I am sicken by it all! 🙁

  22. StigmataBOB1 says:

    Who owns Earth? The Oil companies or God?
    Some depute?

  23. ChrisandJillvacation says:

    Ummm, Do you drive a car that feeds the demand for oil? If you do than quit your bitching..You are part of the problem.

  24. MELISSA84008 says:

    Oil has now officially hit Key West! ( Fort Zachary) 5/17/10

  25. GonnaCsonkaYa000 says:

    I say let’s kill everbody but myself.

  26. wittyag says:

    So if Obama fixes the oil spill in the gulf, would that be considered a nigger rig?

  27. bishopm5 says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo, Liberals are in bed with BIG BAD CORPORATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. theGlobalReport says:

    It is absolutely true that John McCain received the lion’s share of big oil money during the 2008 campaign. This is a fact that we do not dispute. What is at issue in this story specifically is the amount of money that Obama (and Senator Landrieu) received from BP. The source of that information is the Center for Responsive Politics, a reputable, non-partisan organization that tracks money in politics. The figures you cite for John McCain can also be found there.

  29. heatherzinha says:

    it is shameful that they crawl that Obama was biggest recipient, when actual public records show that John McCain received 8 times what Obama did, and that republicans received 77% of total donations from oil. Where are the fact checkers? Where is the decency? How do they get to call this propaganda NEWS?

  30. marcomariaz26 says:

    @AugustEighteenth They are trying, in vain, to make the connection between the spill and Obama. Trying to link the two and, by insinuation, it’s his fault because he took donations, thus must have given BP some breaks on regulation. It’s all speculation, and zero proof, of course.

  31. AugustEighteenth says:

    why doesnt global report tell the truth?
    in 2008 77% ofthe oil industry’s donations went to the GOP with 2.4 million to John McCain and 898,000.00 going to Obama…facts please

  32. elvis237 says:

    No surprise…politicians are pros at hiding the truth.

  33. videosouthafrica says:

    i told u to make a HUGE CONDOM 1800 meters long …. but no u didnt … with diameter 10 meters can be easily dropped over the leak …. then the oil floats to the surface … at the surface bp can collect it … preferably in coffee mugs … as suction systems dont seem to work

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