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Cantwell Warns of Long-Term Harm to Small Businesses Impacted by Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe

Posted on June 01, 2010 by bp complaints

On May 27, 2010 at a Small Business Committee hearing, Senator Cantwell warned of the long-term economic consequences that could result if cleanup and handling of damage claims from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are drawn-out over decades. Cantwell reflected on the lessons learned from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Claims in that case were litigated over decades and were only finally resolved by the US Supreme Court nearly 20 years after the spill. More info: www.cantwell.senate.gov
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Original Post: www.youtube.com Showing the Crimes of the industrial military complex and War Machine, Please do your Part Make This Video Viral and then become active in each moment FROM this point onwards to stop this MADNESS!! ( Disturbing footage ) live LOVE, BE LOVE


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  1. Doug6344 says:

    40 days 2 900 000 bbls already in the gulf
    3 months minamum to kill this well
    thats wow 8 700 000 bbls
    how far up the east coast of north america will that go
    I would like to hear a reporter ask that question on cnn

  2. thomlaur says:

    Kill them all!!
    Everylast fuckin’ brown person that does’nt belive in freedom
    that’s ratial profiling and justified

  3. willem01 says:

    i just saw those “ross kemp” episodes, it seems to me it’s a “just war”…
    But i guess theres allways asshole’s who use war as an excuse to “be themselves”…

  4. Islandretreat says:

    @bigc028282, you’re right, don’t hate the troops. But at the same time, do not support them!

  5. Islandretreat says:

    Don’t tell me NATO hasn’t got the capability of launching an attack. These pope serving NATO terrorists bombed the Serbs!

  6. Islandretreat says:

    @jefevonQ, many of these multinational companies are headed by the popes Knights of Malta (S.M.O.M.) and others by Masonic Jews all serving the Jesuits. Lets not forget that Jesuit-trained Bill Clinton, as well as Knight of Malta Tony Blair, used NATO to bomb the Serbs in the 90’s. Also, remember that the SMOM were formed roughly 1,000 years ago to lauch Crusades fo Rome exactly as puppet Blair did in Iraq!

  7. jefevonQ says:

    Hardly! NATO couldn’t launch a cohesive effort if they had to. We hold a majority share in NATO, always have.
    This is about multinational corporate income. It isn’t just oil either. It’s getting to be about time to ‘simplify’ the whole thing.
    I know what I need to do when the lights, phone, internet and my car no longer work. Do you?

  8. jefevonQ says:

    Please back that statement up with information.
    Calling me names will not support your argument.
    You have been called out.

  9. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @TeslaGenius Well lets not hope censortube will come out on this video ..

  10. Islandretreat says:

    “END to the NATO !
    END to the USA “humanitarian” bombings!”
    Absolutely agree 100%. Remember that the Jesuits are using NATO, in particular the US and British Armies (two Protestant nations) to carry out a Papal Crusade in our name. NATO are the real terrorists!

  11. TeslaGenius says:

    GREAT video BEST I’ve seen in years !
    I think it will be deleted by youtube soon

    END to the NATO !
    END to the USA “humanitarian” bombings!
    5****** video!

  12. Orca40 says:

    This is the real reason we should be out of the UN. No longer do we declare war against an enemy. Instead, we get resolutions and bomb and torture innocent people.

  13. Orca40 says:

    @Mike222222222 Yeah. Because bombing people, poisoning their soil, and occupying their land makes them friends, right?

  14. believersunderground says:

    it’s sad. great vid. Scott (BUG)

  15. bigc028282 says:

    Don’t hate the troops, hate the elite chess game being played with all of us.

  16. Mike222222222 says:

    Iranian propaganda bullshit.

  17. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @gsgrl2000 Yes very….and the bastards who fund every war/genocide were being protected by our own police/military at the G20 last yr ….

  18. gsgrl2000 says:

    and TWISTED!!!!

  19. badattitude77769 says:

    Can one american do one search, kbr lyndon johnson.

  20. badattitude77769 says:

    @badattitude77769 oops, cost that fuck seven million dollars to build that home.
    our soldiers are our neighbors, family, friends.they sacrificed, just like me, they do not want to be around most people,l peace and love and understanding, fermundo.

  21. badattitude77769 says:

    very beautiful woman, thank you.

  22. badattitude77769 says:

    Why? Because george bush, skull and bones, opium drug runners want another war, just like vietnam, moving the heroin in on air force planes, inside of body bags, lick the fermundo cheese fermundo my balls, this is so heartbreaking.

  23. badattitude77769 says:

    I was told that this month, many bad things happen, from the 19th on, until mayday
    is a satanic holiday, so tragic, so much evil the rich fucks in suits must pay the price, love and peace and the family way of life is the answer.

  24. badattitude77769 says:

    Does anyone remember when the secretary of the army used to fly his family into aspen to go skiing, remember his big fancy home on the florida coast, had to get a special permit for his seven foot fence on the ocean front property, I think his name was white, two of the worst employers I have worked for have been named, black, or white, not recommended.

  25. badattitude77769 says:

    Peace and love and understanding, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every man, woman, and child on earth, respect for mother earth, love and respect for you and your children and all that you love, peace and love is the answer, this is coming from an old hippy, if you do not like what I say, you can lick the fermundo cheese fermundo my balls, all together, we are a union of people worldwide, we are so connected by electicity, by our life force, by all that we are.

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