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BP Spill & The Awakening

Posted on June 01, 2010 by bp complaints

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  1. daximil says:

    I agree with about 96% of what you said. …good video.

  2. Compassion7 says:

    Absolutely TRUE 😀

  3. kobidobidog says:

    If there are other being interacting with the governments that are from other places in the universe .They are not of God at all, I guarantee it. To scare you in a negative way is one way Satan works. Satan wants you to think he does not exist too. Satan gives guilt say how bad you are or tries to make you think you can be good apart from Jesus but that is a lie. No one can be good to their neighbor without Jesus in them. We are not God. That is Satan’s lie.

  4. kobidobidog says:

    It happened because evil is self destructive and humans without the spirit of God are intrinsically destructive, and things are going to get worse because of that, and because the devil is in control trying to justify all of the things going on trying to convince man, God, and the angles that his way will work, and everyone should realize that the devils way of the knowledge of good and evil with egotistical humans that are physical, and die is bound for failure.

  5. kobidobidog says:

    I have a feeling that the lake of fire is going to be the oceans filled with oil. Not only that but humans are trashing humans like the gay furries, and the zoosexuals who are loving like Jesus is loving. it is lasciviousness of unrestrained greed caused this disaster that keeps getting worse.The ego that these humans have is the same ego of Satan who gave them this Knowledge in the first place with death attached to it. This death is being dealt to the earth ,and what a human foot steps on.

  6. TheBigBoss123123 says:

    100% true

  7. gab2117 says:

    Its for a reason. Somebody needs to play the badguy in this game.

  8. q7spiz says:

    @baltimark Yeah, always the most interesting videos findable to me.

  9. baltimark says:

    @q7spiz Dude, you fave the most interesting videos. And your thoughts here are as interesting as his! How do you find this stuff? Hmmm. I guess it finds you.

    : D

  10. baltimark says:

    Very interesting commentary. … Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  11. robrec0rd says:

    Have a seen a lot of people hinting at this approach recently. It came to me while I was thinking, too – before I had seen others saying the same. We can do it? I think so.

  12. romieo20 says:

    last few comments r great, especially the astrological side of things, i really never thought about that. Sad to say i had many of the same thoughts and theories though for this shameful disaster that has happened. you want new technologies, look at Hemp fuel, Hemp is AMAZING. Also, the seed contains 33% protein, more than meat. we could be feeding starving nations, it’s fucked governments don’t care and won’t allow this to happen.

  13. Pogo8881 says:

    I agree with you bro. You are far from alone in thinking this way. Cheers!

  14. edibleaspirations says:

    I agree 🙂

  15. Heartlights99 says:

    Love this Felipe. It is very connected to my video. We truly are one. You have such a wonderful energy. Even chatting ab out this…you glow..magic is happening.

  16. FelipeSparx29 says:

    @WithWings2222 VERY TRUE!

  17. brandon112586 says:

    It amazes me that people are still shouting “drill baby drill.” BP ought to be banned from operating in the US, and we need to be weened off oil. Check out my blog:

  18. controlfreakssuckass says:

    i agree with you… these elites are hell bent on retaining power… they are the problem and must be delt with… as time goes on they are making it more difficult to fight back… the aluminum they are spraying on us, the GMO foods. the fluoride in our water, on and on… Monsanto is even developing aluminum resistant crops! Lke you i pray we cant get out from under thier tyrany,,, excellent video bro

  19. NamasteChris1111 says:

    Great work as always my man. Hope all is going phenomenally in Hawaii. Wish I could be there to experience it with you. Keep it pimpin’ pimpin’! 🙂 PEACE

  20. 00Papyrus says:

    Right on brother, caging the awakening is like caging life…its not going to happen no matter how hard they try. Welcome to a New Earth.

  21. 00Papyrus says:

    Right on brother, caging the awakening is like caging life…its not going to happen no matter how hard they try. Welcome to a New Earth.

  22. 00Papyrus says:

    Right on brother, caging the awakening is like caging life…its not going to happen no matter how hard they try. Welcome to a New Earth.

  23. anthonymezzapelle says:

    it’s the reverse of what you’re saying 9/11 was a social trauma that made us sleep, and with crisis we learn to block out reality and sleep harder

  24. landsell says:

    You have a very positive outlook. I like that. But the truth is that everything is so that they can bring on a NWO in which they will get rid of most of us, and a few will be allowed to survive to serve the elite.

  25. AcidSh33tz says:

    cool video

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