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BP Oil Volcano Environment Rescue workers & safety precautions for public.

Posted on June 15, 2010 by bp complaints

UPDATE GREAT ON THE SPOT REPORTING: www.youtube.com . Some are wearing their own masks: www.youtube.com . I was going to title this “As below so Above” but that is perhaps ironic to some but paralyzing for others with pre-programmed notions. Quitting is not an option just a cop-out based on perhaps a deceptive myth. Excluding anyone is just wrong BP included when you look at the big task at hand. . Sam Champion and Philippe Cousteau Jr. diving into the Oil Spill , fluid dynamics explained: www.youtube.com May 30th 2010 Two days until Hurricane season starts, time for a MegaProject effort. Donate paint shop cartridge respirators. NOTE: Humans are not perfect, accidents due to a complacent trusting public also contributes. Jumping down a rabbit hole is just an excuse to not get directly involved. Food for thought, . I have never gotten “WCB” or UI. . Top Kill takes on a whole new meaning, “Standards” have little practicality so try and help out wisely. Having a 1 month “Clean-up” training program would suck time as well, I’d go on days off work to clean if I lived there. . Real scientists of observations: www.youtube.com . The public may be on the march and not to any holiday camp. What if a floatilla of boats just began cleaning on their own? To save their children’s future seems Greenpeace is busy. Kevin Costner has even found a guy with a centrifugal separator that is almost 98% Ef . With the multiple suction dredge lines I suggested we have a time buyer. A Nuke may
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  1. thedarksideofbetty says:

    Tony Hayward is a soulless corporate fuck.

    God bless and help the wildlife.

  2. WonderWomanFan4life says:

    well they do not want to create a pannick. if people wear those and then others know it is AWFUL!!!!!

  3. NibiruMagick2012 says:

    BP shuts down clean up due to toxic gas. I posted a video.

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