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BP Oil Spill’s Tony Hayward active Bilderberg member (with a hair piece)

Posted on June 10, 2010 by bp complaints

BP Oil Spill’s Tony Hayward active Bilderburg member (with a hair piece) Could the catastrophic Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion be part of a larger scheme to reform the energy industry, just as the Obama administration has reformed healthcare, banking and automobile manufacturers? Worse, is cap and trade—possibly the worst legislation ever penned—the ultimate endgame behind this spill, which they are now capitalizing upon? The first red flag receiving virtually no attention is that Halliburton (of Dick Cheney fame) had finished a cementing process only 20 hours prior to Deepwater Horizon erupting in flames. Lawsuits have already been filed, with Reuters reporting on April 29, Halliburton improperly and negligently performed its job in cementing the well, increasing the pressure at the well and contributing to the fire, explosion and resulting oil spill. As a result, a high-pressure pocket of deep oil 30000 feet beneath the ocean floor erupted with the force of a gigantic, non-stop fire hose. A surviving worker on the rig, John Kersey, said it sounded like a war zone as alarms were triggered, electricity shorted out, and flames shot 300 feet into the air. The inferno-like blaze could be seen 35 miles away. CONNECTIONS Suspicions arise when an ownership paper trail is followed. Halliburton subcontracted for a company named Transocean, which leased and operated Deepwater Horizon for British Petroleum (BP). Transocean is a subsidiary of Sonat Inc., which merged with the El


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    BP ou le « délinquant menteur » et « récidiviste dans la Méditerrannée ». /  IG

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  1. mike29571 says:

    I think he bears a striking resemblance to Buffalo Bill. From Silence of the Lambs.

  2. HOMEnHIGH says:

    @Questionl0gic …dont worry be happy…its true..check out my vid of the same name…it puts all this into perspective……

  3. Questionl0gic says:

    someone should throw his ass in the slick, then he can go sailing to the bottom of the ocean with his precious oil-well where he belongs.

    All i read is about how people wish they could do something, if i had a way to get there from the west coast i’d be at the beaches working. I’ve even been thinking about hitchhiking or selling my stuff if i can’t find a ride…

    my way of life isn’t on the line, not yet anyhow, i don’t eat seafood or know anybody who works with it, but i’m still trying to go.

  4. xlr8up says:

    Top Kill Tony Hayward, machete style. End Bildeberg-thuggery by forced removal of their power to control humanity like slaves.

  5. highonbeingnormal says:


  6. Holymoley2010 says:

    If you were listening to the news and the buzz around the internet before the spill, we were hearing that clean water supplies were going to become SCARCE.

  7. joygarner says:

    Yes, and Haliburton is right there with them.

  8. submix8c says:

    @bonzina16 Uhhh… it’s about the blatant disregard for the RIGHT and SENSIBLE way to do things for the sake of money.

    Google “tony hayward salary” (without quotes).

  9. bonzina16 says:

    What right do any of you have to pile completely irrational and unfounded abuse on this guy? Have any of you actually met him? Spoken to him? Otherwise how can you claim the right to even have an opinion?

  10. bonzina16 says:

    Imagine if it were you who was lucky enough to get that promotion to be CEO of BP and then this disaster happened? Can you honestly claim that you could have handled it better? How horrible it must feel for him and his family to be at the other end of this continuous stream of insults and threats from ignorant people who can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to be in that kind of situation.

  11. bonzina16 says:

    You should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves, go and reflect on how how unnecessarily cruel you are being to another human being. He’s as flawed as any of us and just as emotionally sensitive. Personally I would probably have turned suicidal if all of the shit written by the media had been about me. Can’t you see how fantastical the majority of the comments are????????

  12. BakersBoyz says:

    @submix8c Next, the so-called “nuclear option” is about to get a lot of attention. In this case, of course, nuclear option is not a euphemism. It’s the real idea that the best way to kill this thing is to stick a small nuke in there and bury the well under rubble. Supposedly it’s been done in Russia, and by the middle of the coming week, it will be all over cable news, as pundits press The White House hard on whether it’s being considered and why not.

  13. OneHectare says:

    @cjsinclair Good call, repty for sure- no human could make this mess and live with themselves, because ‘human beings’ as THEY call us have EMOTIONS.

  14. Frosti2008 says:

    Burn in hell you filthy piece of shit.

  15. ArkansasGillum says:

    Its darn possible given the secret agendas they are known for…The Bilderburg group should be investigated

  16. ezrhino100 says:

    Could the hair piece be the solution to absorbing the oil in the gulf?

  17. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    I can also prove using fluid dynamics that 43 mil G P D are spewing from this hole

    99% of these poor creatures will fall to the bottom of the ocean rather than float.

    With simple fluid dynamics I have proved that there are 43,000,000 GPDof oil spewing from this hole

    Area { X } pressure { = } VOLUME / FLOW RATE /FORCE every day of the week & if they gave us the pressure we could figure this out in seconds


  18. abesocool says:

    I hate that picture of the person getting shot point blank during the Vietnam War…it is very fitting for this video though. Good video

  19. sonotnews says:


    This WILL make you laugh a bit 🙂


  20. morningmayan says:

    haha this is great! Better hope we don’t get the french fever and decide to go get all the evil elite money grabbing criminals against humanity at their homes….- I mean how much can people take while this guy goes sailing with all his cash on oceans he hasn’t ruined yet.

  21. cjsinclair says:

    I think he’s a reptillian, I was watching CNN yesterday and it looked like his eyes had slit pupils.

  22. morningmayan says:

    Great Video! Okay well if 500 union people showed up on that CEO’s front yard just imagine the crowds that will be on this joksters front lawn! Oh sorry he still can take his yacht on the oceans he hasn’t ruined YET!

  23. euro944t says:

    So this is the criminal that pulled the live cam feed, afraid someone might learn how to plug next leak in future.

  24. BakersBoyz says:

    @submix8c good stuff…

  25. submix8c says:

    In addition, go-aheads have been approved under the Obama Administration. I’m all for ALL sorts of energy independence (including nuclear), but there MUST be sensible application (1-mile deep is NOT sensible), safeguards, and constant inspection. None of these happened. We have oil – on land! As far as I’m concerned BP (Can you spell Quwait? Is/was the British version of BP gas stations; yes I remember…) is a Foreign Oil dependency.

  26. Tellus Sol says:

    You know, if this crime against nature had been committed by Bin Loony and Al-Qaeda instead of Toxic Tony and British Petroleum, we’d be carpet bombing London right now.

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