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BP Oil Spill In Gulf Of Mexico Will Have ‘Very Modest’ Environmental Impact, Says Firm’s CEO

Posted on June 09, 2010 by bp complaints

The chief executive of BP has told Sky News he believes the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill will end up having only a “very, very modest” environmental impact. Experts had feared the Deepwater Horizon disaster could have led to one of the worst environmental catastrophes in US history. But the British oil giant has risked outrage along the Gulf Coast by predicting a far smaller impact. Dr Tony Hayward said: “I think the environmental impact of this disaster is likely to have been very, very modest. “It is impossible to say and we will mount, as part of the aftermath, a very detailed environmental assessment but everything we can see at the moment suggests that the overall environmental impact will be very, very modest.” BP has begun capturing some of the leaking oil after inserting a suction tube into the fractured riser pipe on the seabed. BP image shows the main leak at the Deepwater Horizon site (Pic: BP plc) It is gathering up an estimated one fifth of the oil pumping out of the fractured well. Dr Hayward said: “Over the last 36 hours we have made a lot of progress on containment on the seabed. “We have a piece of technology engineering which we have developed and which is now allowing us to produce oil from the leak to the surface.” The BP chief spoke to Sky News after completing a visit to Florida where he handed over m (£17m) to pay for an advertising campaign for the state’s tourism industry. He appeared upbeat as he met teams at BP’s vast crisis control
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  1. maurice2002 says:

    @afkhajiit : It’s a shame for his family, just because their dad/husband is satan – they will inevitably get targeted. I wonder if he thought about that at all – when he prepared himself to bullshit the world.

  2. worldmayhem says:


  3. skaraborg55 says:

    You greedy BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!

    You sit there with a smug smile on your face while animals DIES and people get their lives ruined. You can NEVER EVER pay for that with your fat wallet…

  4. llothar68 says:

    Put him to Guantanamo and do some Oil Boarding on him.

  5. StedySniper says:

    saw something early.
    One idea is make them take 15cents off the price of gas for every week the oik isnt stopped. They will get it done quick.

  6. suprasiix says:

    why is he smiling half the time? Doesnt seem like this fucker has ever been swung on and stuck in the mouth.

  7. Cardar49a says:

    lol in the fried chicken song u pause at 13 and pause at 15. XD

  8. DanishBastard says:

    He smiles while giving this interview. That really pisses me off! I hope he goes to jail because of the 11 people on the platform that lost their lives.

  9. nelly13tube says:

    This guy might be the Antichrist! smug cunt!

  10. dnlr300 says:

    fuck these greedy bastards. america is so corrupted for letting this dipshits pull this. gallons and gallons of oil are being poured into the gulf right now. STILL nothing has been done about it. people like this make me fuckin sick

  11. Greathome2 says:

    you are full of shit

  12. yay78900 says:

    very very modest… textbook example = mission accomplished

  13. yay78900 says:

    i was looking up ways to torture the guilty, but ironically some of these, like the head crusher, could be used to stop the leak

  14. yay78900 says:

    i see a terrorist that needs to be tortured

  15. yay78900 says:

    non-toxic OIL EATING MICROBES can help clean up

    straw and hay can help absorb it

    STOP the TOXIC chemical DISPERSANT

  16. DragonBaby1961 says:

    socalsir i agree with you THEY NEED TO BE PUNISHED!!!!! Something needs to happen to bp. this is what we get for letting fucking idiots drill near our country go back home and fuck up your own country ass wipe. and he should be arrested but not for crimes against humanity, but for crimes against nature…the animals that are dying and being tortured and you helping them you fucker.

  17. greg22ca says:

    textbook example my ass… Why don’t you look at the fuckin live stream Tony… Your bullshit Cap didn’t work and is still spewing oil… (B)roken (P)ipe… let’s say hello to H2OIL…. Atleast we know that all we need to do to get oil and gasoline is siphon the shit from the Gulf, because if Broken pipe waits until August the Gulf will be just that oil and gasoline…

  18. DickGranite says:

    There is a place in Hell reserved for this man. Indeed, Satan himself may wish to put him in solitary confinement.

  19. shipwreckedcamper says:

    America has totally sold out to these f-ing criminal corporations. They’ve bought all these miserable politians. Who gave them the Supreme Court. & I believe it’s our duty, to consider them foriegn invaders, whose mission is to destroy our country from within. While taking all for themselves. Your home, your wealth, your job, your land, air & water. & leaving us the crap they could’nt sell. I would urge everyone to consider corporate exec.s as public enemies, until proven innocent.

  20. slimmdogg420 says:

    @TheZoaz No he just wants his life back.If I had my way he would never have his life back.Life as he knows it would be over.Just like life as we know it on the Gulf Coast is over.I know I will never see all the oil cleaned up.Just take a look at Exxon Valdez the people are just now getting their “settlements”my Mom told me they got a check for $100.

  21. slimmdogg420 says:

    @socalsir Yes just like Saddam Hussein hunt him down and take him out.I’m not sure the crimes against humanity Saddam was wanted for but I’m sure spilling all that oil into the Persian Gulf was on the list.If it wasn’t it should have been.

  22. TheZoaz says:

    its like he don’t care except for the money

  23. zalzich says:

    BP: Box of Pandora





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