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BP Oil Disaster Update #1

Posted on June 26, 2010 by bp complaints

DRILLED BY BP: OIL DISASTER THREATENS GULF OF MEXICO AND COASTAL COMMUNITIES How does one capture the drama of a slow-moving train wreck? We all want to look away from the mercurial unraveling of the Deep Water Horizon story, but as fingers of rainbow sheen and large tar balls begin washing up on the wetlands and in the passes of Louisiana from the Chandeluer Islands to Cocodrie Peninsula, we cant. Were riveted. We want answers. We want solutions. We want explanation. Capt. Jon Brett, (Director of FishbuzzTV and Snook Foundation Florida Gulf Coast Director) and Capt. Brandon Shuler (Snook FOundation Texas Director) will be on the ground collecting the stories that interest of all gulf coast anglers and residents. We will tell the underrepresented side of the news. We will capture the devastation this spill will create as it encroaches and infuses into the delicate wetlands and marshes of Louisiana, and the rest of the vital GUlf coast nursery habitat for snook, grouper, tarpon, bonefish, snapper and hundreds of other species and wildlife. These wetlands and nurseries are disappearing from the Louisiana coast and Mississippi River delta at the alarming rate of 500 square yards every 45 minutes and represent the breeding grounds which supply 25% of the nations seafood production. We’re hoping to capture the stories of the Gulf coast shrimper and fishermen as they watch their livelihoods attacked by another, yet this time man-made, disaster. We have witnessed and tried to
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Dear you there, read my comment here! here on this video you can see a good design of a special dome studied to work up to the dry ground or to be immersed deep on the sea to stop the loss of petrol from the well on the bottom of the sea or the wells up to dry ground when they are on fire. On the case will happen next an other desaster like Horizon Deep Water, you can be ready to stop it just by prevention! This device benefits of a special concept during the immersion, the flows of wather his self generated during the diving to be very straight on his ideal direction even when find opposite pressure on the bottom of the sea (like in this case petroleum and gaz coming out from the well), so even on these conditions this special cap can be very stable and precize on it trajectory. Not just it, the system has a special device (form) which work automatically like a second seal and can be very safe a time positioned… you can forget it on the bottom of the sea and can work all most for a century! It’s easy to realized and sure his application. Even the ice on the deepest level of the sea doesn’t represent special disturb. There is also a model expressly projected! In the case you have some questions, just ask to me, I’ll be glad to answhere to your questions. How it works? Here attached you can see a good 3D design of the device expressly studied for this problem to bee immersed deep on the sea to get the petroleum in stead to lose it from the bottom of the sea. If you

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  1. dasani7998 says:

    @theinsane101 lol that girl is stupid Terrorist are made up by the government

  2. dasani7998 says:

    @saraa49 lol stupid girl!

  3. luciferiexcelsil says:

    god hates Louisiana.. Katrina, and now this… hmmm.

  4. theinsane101 says:

    @saraa49 Here come the conspiracy theories.

  5. IowaArmen says:

    if the c.e.o.s of btard, hallitard & transtard were all tied to the back of the same car & dragged to death in the streets of New Orleans people would finally get the message & become competent. as it stands now we are a nation of 96 quadrillion inane laws whose judicial system works slowly & carefully towards the goal of never getting anything resolved. as long as we stay so civitarded we will continue to fail.

  6. saraa49 says:

    It is conspiracy; therefore Obama stopped offshore oil drilling in USA. Obviously it is a terrorist attack on U.S oils to keep the Arab oils stable.
    It is planned in advance; the U.S will stop oil drilling and will keep buying oil from muslim countries; Unless the Americans protest & demand to stop buying Arabian oil.

  7. saraa49 says:

    The revenue of the Arabian oil supports terrorists. They could stop the oil leak in the same day but they wanted to look like tragedy to stop offshore oil drilling to keep the Arabian oils stable & to make the west always beg for this energy. It is planed in advance to support terrorisms in the west till the west submit to sharia law of islam. Wake up America before you lose your nation

  8. hardhitter0421 says:

    It is with hope that the blood on our hands from all that will die we be forgiven for. No man or power on this planet should have created so much loss either by sabotage or accident. We are all to blame.
    This is a piece of American and a huge portion of our wildlife to which we have already diminished to such low numbers that this ecosystem may never recover.

  9. peonpiate says:

    fast forward 3 weeks and the leak is still ongoing. the leak is also no known to be 5x greate than what BP said it was when this video was posted. It may take until August to stop the leak for good. Thats another 2 months, and look at the damage already caused.

  10. mrkmarbella says:

    It is a real pity things like this happen….In Spain all the people of the country involved in the recovery of the coasts and fisheries when the ‘Prestige’ sank….

  11. dmc081 says:

    hurricanes are coming and it’s going to get worst

  12. Fishbuzz says:

    @oranse thanks oranse! check out our blog site: drilledbybp for updates and more videos!

  13. automa741 says:

    alert! everyone….. what is going on with the Tampa Bay evacuations?

  14. bernieandreu says:

    What are we doing about this? I don’t have a clue, I don’t see the BP, The White House or the Media reporting or communicating how this disaster will impact the coast and the nation and what the means for us for the future.

  15. oranse says:

    Thats bad stuff. Keep shooting video and showing us whats going on. Local fishing reports.

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