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BP Official : We Can’t Stop the Oil Leak

Posted on June 05, 2010 by bp complaints

May 4 2010 Coastal Crisis Report Has Obama told us that yet?
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  1. HoodwinkedbyanAngel says:

    43 million G P D pumped into the gulf!

    Fluid mechanics dont lie at only 3500 psi REAL # is 43 M G P D

    Watch me prove that we are being lied to, and prove it is 43 M G P D

    Plus BP only had permission to drill to 18,000 feet and this well was completely illegal at 33,000 feet

    AREA x flow rate { = } VOLUME

    WANT THE TRUTH WATCH MY VIDEOS ~ NOT for the weak minded!

  2. jameronies says:

    I am a Florida licenced Mechanical Contractor and inventor certified in fuel
    line piping. I wrote the Department of the Interior with a design to cut
    a large hole in an oil tanker. Sinking the ship over the leak capturing the
    oil for weeks while other plans are readied. Oil entering would displace the water. It could also be raised and/or pumped away.”

  3. RamsesReturns says:

    I don’t like the smell of this “accident.” The globalist will stop at nothing to force feed us fear of environmental despair. They pound the global warming drum, vanishing rain-forests, & give us oil spills every 4 years or so. If they can destroy the world trade center to justify war & occupation, this environmental catastrophe wouldn’t affect them in the least, if they get their desired result.

  4. patzivota22 says:

    hire a plumber, BP. Problem solved.

  5. ground5443 says:

    Obviously BP & Halliburton…were not prepared for this kind of Disaster in the Ocean!!!…. They keep coming with these, Out of the Air Ideas, that for the most part have Not Worked at all! We have been telling them for YEARS that this would eventually happen…but they ignored our warnings and actually Ridiculed
    the people who tried to stop their Greedy abuse to our Oceans! Now, LOOK AT WE GOT!

  6. EdisunSolar says:

    Four or five times greater than the Government reported !!!
    What the hell is wrong here Obama the drill permits were issued – every 4 days this spill equals one Valdez oil spill
    in 2009 so don’t point the figure at terrorist Bush lets look at an Obamanation of America Mr terrorist
    Transparency? Wheres you original Birth certificate or Social Security what the hell is wrong with America one 911 after another one war after another it is sad to be any part in this Obamanation on America
    Wake up

  7. videosouthafrica says:

    well Doug …. the test dome is just great … well done man !! …. just hurry up with the second 20 times bigger dome …. hey if u can make one you can make 100 … dont worry about the cost either … just get it done

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