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BP – Bringing People together

Posted on June 14, 2010 by bp complaints

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NRDC President, Frances Beinecke, flies over BP oil spill, tours coastal waters, meets with fishermen and community activists and provides a compelling message to President Obama to support the Clean Energy and Climate Bills.
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  1. Hotdog40404040404 says:

    What is the music in this

  2. white000bear says:

    the “possible” guy is going to wash his head for a long time

  3. bubjojo says:


    You forgot oyal Dutch Shell It’s the biggest company.

  4. sillyselke says:

    @cheno95 AND im NOT from the UK either moron – if u read my replies PROPERLY as i said b4 then u wld have noticed that i said i wasnt. SO in other words before u reply to other people and try and sound like ur so smart RE-READ their replies MULTIPLE times so u ACTUALLY understand what they are saying.

  5. sillyselke says:

    @cheno95 haha looks like im not the only one who thinks ur a fool. btw i know how to spell ‘you’ and ‘your’ u moron…im just doing it short hand. obviously ur either living somewhere where civilisation hasnt quite gripped with the program of the 21st century OR ur just a loser (which is probs the answer) AND i wasnt blaming ur country im blaming the US. side of BP – if u read my replies PROPERLY we wldnt have this misunderstanding AND im not saying BP are not nutwits either, they r.

  6. cheno95 says:

    @torbwrc I am already aware of the Piper Alpha incident. It was deemed the worst off shore disaster because of the death toll and industry impact. BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill is the worst as far as environmental impact, and soon to be industry impact. Piper Alpha’s leaks were sealed off the next day. And what about BP’s leaks? Their not capped are they?
    You can do some research yourself.

  7. Tlexiktli2003 says:

    @jerban100 I hope & pray for what U said as well; in fact climate change is causing the loss of wetlands & estuaries. The Gulf Coast has 40% of all the wetlands in the U.S. All the oil drilling is causing erosion and we are lossing 4-8 football fields of wetlands everyday. Wetlands not only protect communities from floods it is where a majority of newborn life (wild life) is born, the bottom of the food chain for fish & another reason why by 2050 there will be no more fish to fish for.

  8. Tlexiktli2003 says:

    BP SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PROFIT FROM THE OIL THEY ARE COLLECTING FROM THE VALCANO OF OIL..EVERY PENNY SHOULD GO TOWARDS, CLEAN UP, AND PAYING THE PEOPLE WHO LOST $ In Alaska the citizens get a financial return from corporation that take their natural resources and the corporations sill make billions Why cant that happen in other states? If peope are so against democratic socialistic programs then why do they leave out the socialist program of distributing the wealth to the people In Alaska?

  9. torbwrc says:

    @cheno95 Your ignorance is staggering. So do some research bozo and look up Occidental Petroleum’s (an AMERICAN company just to mention it) 1988 North Sea oil rig disaster. Widely claimed to be the worst off shore oil rig disaster in history that cost the lives of nearly 170 british workers.

  10. cannotbochap says:

    love this video

  11. cannotbochap says:

    can You tube pls remove this horseshit video from BP

  12. cheno95 says:

    @sillyselke You fucking grow up. You can’t spell “You” or “Your” correctly. Stop being hypocritical and look at yourself before you blame some other country. Tony Hayward can go fuck himself too; Denying that there are any oil plumes. YOU CAN FUCKING SEE THEM FROM SPACE! You fucks are so “innocent” right? I would just LOVE to see all of your utopias and perfect government. Go to hell.

    You take care now.

  13. cheno95 says:

    @sillyselke Oh jolly good then, I forgot that a company can have 2 sides, not having anything to do with each other. So if one side fucks up, the other side is so perfect, that it will have little or no effect on them. BP is one of the worst polluters in the world, and because of their lackadaisical guidelines, shit like this happens. Im blaming BP because if they would even bother to look at their procedures, they would probably realize that their shit.

  14. jerban100 says:

    a fucking hummer just because they can afford it. and i know i’m not helping by sitting on this computer which is wasting electricity, but i’m not claiming to be any better than anyone else. but i’ve been ranting for a while now and i’m going to wrap up by saying this is a global crisis that merits a global response, but should go to show us how fragile nature is and how we can’t bear to lose something so precious by acting recklessly. I’m going to be pissed if we start needing little WALL-Es.

  15. jerban100 says:

    whatabout all the overfishing that is destroying ocean ecosystems? How do we explain the absurd amount of CO2 emmissions we all help create? The amount of raw materials we consume for one time usage with no intension of recycling? All this stuff is working the way it was supposed to, and it’s wreaking havoc upon the environment. I hope to God that this oil spill wakes everyone up. And I’m an American, and I’m mad at BP and its british execs and its american officers but mostly at those who drive

  16. jerban100 says:

    than have to endure the cost of ignoring the damage this will do to our earth. So maybe the UK side fucked up, maybe the US side fucked up, but if you think a brit is motivated by greed any more or less than a yank then you’re being ignorant. We’re all humans on this earth and c’mon, its about time we worked together. And also, it’s not like this is the first major tragedy towards the environment. It’s just because something went wrong that we’re focusing on it. Let me explain:

  17. jerban100 says:

    the millions of innocent employees who could lose their job when the company goes completely bankrupt? The only way this can be fixed is if there is a joint effort spearheaded by the US but aided by Mexico, UK, and maybe even the rest of central america and western europe that can help clean up this mess and prevent something like this from happening in the future. Legistlation should be passed around the world to make us all more environmentally friendly. I would rather have to pay extra taxes

  18. jerban100 says:

    i think the biggest problem with this whole oil spill is how im sitting in my NE home fuming about how the gulf of mexico will be poluted for the next 50-100 years at least, but even when it hits the gulf stream and moves up the atlantic, I won’t really have to pay the price. I’m not saying everyone around the world should have to pay, but it’s not fair for those living around the gulf to bear such a burden. And for everyone who hopes BP burns in hell, sure, fuck the corporation but whatabout

  19. cheesemaster1000 says:

    @angerdux8 Where is the charity of the British People? Not quite sure what you mean by that because Britain is in the top 5 Charity giving nations. To put it in perspective Britain gives around 2.3% of its GDP in foreign aid compared to the US’s 0.2%

  20. sillyselke says:

    @angerdux8 grow up u american moron! ur babble is a load of garb. and seriously u sound like a dumbass trying to be smart.

  21. sillyselke says:

    @cheno95 seriously how old are u 12? u bloody americans arent pure and holy….im not against americans but americans like u i am. seriously….it was the AMERICAN side of BP that screwed up NOT the english side. so get ur bloody facts right before making urself sound like a fool. and yes BP screwed up im not denying it BUT it pisses me off when AMERICANS/ people like u are so bloody patriotic that u cant notice/accept ur faults.

  22. sillyselke says:

    To u AMERICANS who are blaming the british side of BP – grow the fuck up…its the AMERICAN side of BP that have screwed things up. And im not from the UK nor the states …BUT seriously u americans have more faults with other environmental issues such as ur huge part in global warming. So seriously stop thinking ur so god damn pure and holy!

  23. cheno95 says:

    @torbwrc This would not have happened if the fuckin British would stay in their own fucking country and drill oil there. Not enough oil wells over there? Buy it from us. Fuckin BP.

  24. SASstudios says:

    brown is the new green cause its covered in oil.

  25. SASstudios says:

    i thought BP stood for broken pipe or bad problems

  26. Cherdryto says:

    El hombre mismo esta dañando el planeta y si creen que lo
    van a salvar pues se equivocan porque lo que hacen es
    dañarlo más

  27. AquarielCharm says:

    It almost seems like we’re begging the oil companies to just listen to our fears & concerns. Oil cartels rule the world & what they say goes because of suppression of zero pollution energy technologies. Somethings else bugs me — word “spill” – this word is incorrect. It’s not a spill – it’s a oil disaster caused by faulty workmenship & greed. Many now suspect this was a diliberate attack and not an accident at all. And the focus of this crime of crimes is mostly but not only Halliburton.

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