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The True Cost of the BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

A video illustrating the complete destruction of the Gulf Coast by the BP oil spill. A shocking video showing the true victims of BP’s incompetent executives. Animal, human and environmental destruction no seen since the days of saddam’s oil spill and the exxon spill.
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  1. EveSimone says:

    It’s bad enough. No need for sentimental music !

  2. moojuiceman says:

    omg this video made me cry!


    I could add this music to me stepping on ants and i’d get a reaction.
    10 points for you for pulling sensitive shmucks heart strings for ten minutes.

  3. berwinch says:

    I’m tearing up, this is so bad….

  4. area51r says:

    i had to stop it b4 it was done, so so sad, like we really needed this right now!!

  5. trisky1234 says:

    @N1CKF3D Stopped? No way! they’re slurping maybe 15% of that oil up through a pipe they inserted, the 85% remaining is still flowing unhampered into the ocean..

  6. judderwocky says:

    Obama had more campaign contributions from BP than any other candidate in the last Presidential election 🙁 … Florida is screwed.

  7. neveshizzle says:

    @magdamagda999- And with good reason

  8. mhow4859 says:

    and then tens years later it will happen because of this stupid government. they should just set the whole shit on fire.

  9. N1CKF3D says:

    @antman5000 It’s already been stopped. Now its just a matter of cleaning it up.

  10. antman5000 says:

    I wonder if this is the start of the 2012 thing ? Could this spill maybe never stop and spread to all bodies of water on the planet leaving humans to die ? I know thats a little much but you never know ? and knowings half the battle GO JOE !!!

  11. Schmoup says:

    So spewing hatred towards one group of people who really have no control unless you happen to be one of the very few with a little money shows how sympathetic you are to another? Wow that should help things alot, ass.

  12. asifagha77 says:

    hey american people, i don’t care at all.
    I hope you feel the pane and the fear as you did to many people…
    I hope this oil slick ruin your lives as you did to us [ Iraq – Afghanistan – Palestine – Pakistan ].. hope you enjoy this event…

  13. magdamagda999 says:

    @neveshizzle oh good lord. human beings the world over and throughout history have conquered and terrorized each other. what you should have hatred towards is the failings of human nature instead of indulging them. it’s easy to find a scapegoat in the supposed “white” man, but the fact remains, europeans have been conquered, and killed and enslaved by others in history. the britons were taken back to rome as slaves during the prominence of the roman empire for peet’s sake. learn some history.

  14. magdamagda999 says:

    @Elyannia the first thing we need to do is stop this leak, then clean it up. this could completely kill the gulf of mexico unless it is capped/stopped soon.

  15. braineater316 says:

    You should! Are you not aware that many people depend on those fish to earn them a check? Also, they are part of a little thing that we call the Food Chain that some might consider to be of some slight importance >.>. Please dont be another ignorant moron that doesnt care about an issue until it directly effects them.

  16. energyxprt says:

    Remember who will pick up the tab. The tax payers of course. Do you think a giant like BP will pay for this. I mean come on they are a too big to fail aren’t they? This should be one of the last straws for the American people. Enough is enough its time for real change. I’m sure BP had something to do with the elections too. The politicians are not going to side with the people on this one.

  17. zorroduck says:

    It comes down to Breeders vs Thinkers. Breeders ahead, so far…………

  18. wndzman says:

    Now this is the White mans fault! I’m sure that ‘they’ are the only ones involved in the oil business. Right. This is a sad tragedy but it is amazing how some morons can turn even this into a race issue.

  19. freelily36 says:

    Thank you for uploading this video. Makes me sad to see the devastation. The music is beautiful. Where is it from?

  20. Elyannia says:

    @Elyannia We must do somethinbg while we can and the first thing we can do it’s to teach our kids how to love and respect nature, to show to them how to recycle, how to love our animals and envoirement, to make them understand how everything on this planet must have an equilibrium, to never litter, to protect the forests, green areas, animals, bird and the sea life, etc. And for that we need to give them an example by living a way of life sets a standar on others, not to live on words only.

  21. Elyannia says:

    @bosatsu76 If nature collapses, humans will collapse too, it’s a shame that a lot of people don’t care or are ignorant about what’s happening with this oil slick and worse it’s that they cannot project the consequences on the future of this disaster. It’s sad because while we see this video something it’s always happening: big cities expanding with few parks and polluting the air, deforestation of the Amazonas and other areas, the agressive rawling and fishing, the oil slicks, littering, etc.

  22. neveshizzle says:

    I find myself developing hatred towards the white man… They terrorized Africans and made them into slaves, ran the Natives from their land, without mentioning all the hurt they caused every other minority. Now their greed is killing our mother planet.

    This makes me ashamed of being human.

  23. MrBexdem says:

    We are witnesses to the MURDER of 11 men and the entire Gulf of Mexico. SHAME on us all. We elected the politicians who allowed the corporations to gut our environmental protections.Why are we shocked when a corporation does what we allow it to do. Drill baby Drill remember?

  24. bosatsu76 says:

    @EdisunSolar oooo… Can we dump a bunch of teabaggers on it? How much would They absorb?

  25. bosatsu76 says:

    If we cannot be better stewards to this Earth; If we are no smarter than a bacterium that grows without limit until it crashes from its own poisons; we may deserve to be knocked back to the stone-age. What happens when ecosystems die? Life relying on that ecosystem disappears. All indications are that we are poisoning this ecosystem called Earth. One may mock a tree hugger, but that will not save your children from starvation when civilization collapses. We have ample warning. Do we have sense?

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