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Senator Sessions Questions BP President about Oil Spill

Posted on May 31, 2010 by bp complaints

Senator Sessions, a senior member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, today questions Lamar McKay, President and Chairman of BP America, Steven Newman, President and CEO of Transocean Limited, and Tim Probert, President of Global Business Lines; Chief Health, Safety and Environmental Office, Halliburton.

This could be the worst environmental disaster in US history. Government officials have voiced desperation and are furious as their fears become far more tangible, with oil from the BP spill showing up on shore as tar balls, oil sheens and gooey slicks. They have really gone ahead and done it now, this massive manmade disaster could last for quite some time! Do they even really understand the long-term damage this will do to our Earth? The only planet that humans can really live on right now and even into the future. Human beings are making these great disasters happen and there are consequences for every action. God is watching and the earth was made by God and is a part of the LORD God. Luke 21:35- For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36- Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

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  1. Seldona says:

    “Drill Baby Drill!”


    Thank them this mid-term elections by voting them out. Even now they stand in the way of new regulations. Over a month after the well has been flowing unchecked!

    BP lied, and republicans that wrote the regulations for drilling, believed them. NO ONE believes them anymore. Least of all, the President Of The United States.

  2. christinaandzack says:

    come on republicans……..wheres the chant drill baby drill,drill baby drill bobby you jindal you now drill baby drill!!!!

  3. jimbonumber9 says:

    @codycody123 Absolutely. This disaster is showing the world the things that are wrong or not right. Everything that’s not right has got to start to change and quickly.

  4. codycody123 says:

    UPDATE: It IS the worst environmental disaster in US history. Scientists currently estimate it is at least twice as big…will probably become even worse until they stop it. Disgusting

  5. scwam says:

    NOT COULD BE, ITS IS THE WORST disaster. 200 million gallons before the end of may.

  6. jimbonumber9 says:

    @aldenbuzz It’s not about religion. Because religion ia a manmade construct. It’s about prophecy, which is about seeing into the future. This is the time or place when past, present and future collide or come together. I’m just the messenger and the message is true.

  7. aldenbuzz says:

    Good coverage. I don’t care for the religion interspersed throughout your video.

  8. mrgoodvibrations says:

    It is the worst [only my belief] or before it is under control it will be the worst in the worlds history. Great video Jim double thumbs up!!!

  9. larnem says:

    Great update. This could be “The Big One”.

  10. lkevins1 says:

    Thanks Jimbo, your research and news reporting is very much appreciated.

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