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Political Vlog: Need BP Oil Spill Explained? Analysis and Commentary!

Posted on May 24, 2010 by bp complaints

MrPoliticsGeek! The Political Blog of Common Sense! The Average American Political Analysis through a young voice of America! Recently, an oil spill caused by an BP rig in the Louisiana Gulf of Mexico, an environmental atrocity that is projected to be the worst in modern history! However, who are the big players involved? Exactly who is to blame for this atrocity? And how can we overcome it? shoutout to these awesome informed citizens who are doing their part:)!! JerbyVlog: www.youtube.com leilanimunter: www.youtube.com ZoeEatsPlanets:www.youtube.com DEMCAD: www.youtube.com imjustagirl776: www.youtube.com sources: CBSNewsOnline: www.youtube.com Roles of companies explained: www.huffingtonpost.com Consuming Oil by Country: www.nationmaster.com Oil Companies lobbying: www.nytimes.com Media used: “Carry Out” by Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake I do NOT own the copyrights to these song/video. They are used solely for entertainment and commentary purposes!
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  1. thejobloshow says:

    @ZegatonZ *Shatner post* CHEEEEEEEENEEEEEEEEEEY!

    Evil beyond the grave.

  2. ZegatonZ says:


    it was Cheney..

  3. cruxan007 says:

    b.p big parasite at work for the american sheeples. where’s the obamanater when you need him,, ohh shit he’s in the pack pocket of big parasite.

  4. Pct3ch says:

    @thelawrising Vomit up Babies… (EPIC)


  5. Pct3ch says:

    Nice… well put together. Love the channel… ^5


  6. mrrepublican1234 says:

    MrPoliticsGeek – You pegged it, young man. Nice work here.

  7. stur8sicc99 says:

    yeah they need to get this oil cleaned up firrst and stop blaming each other.. its all there faults and they need to take responsibility.

  8. thejobloshow says:

    It was Haliburton…

  9. haggis says:

    Yeah this is well done. I liked it…keep up the good work.

  10. o0lBobl0o says:

    It’s more like if you hired a plumber and he flooded the neighbors apartment.
    Who would be at fault the plumber or you.

  11. CorpseBride64 says:

    Love this guy!!

  12. cabl3guy2012 says:

    Good job bud! Thanks for adding me as a friend, and keep up the good work 🙂

  13. dugiv says:

    great video, really helps break down this mess.

  14. HOTBOY1521 says:


  15. ThisBoyTV says:

    Good lesson in Oil 101 🙂

    Picture 1 Valdez Tanker dumping oil every 4 days. We are now in Day 33. That’s a little over 8 Valdez oil spills in the Gulf…so far

  16. gregalabama says:

    god video

  17. YouAreALLDumbNblind says:

    as per my video, halliburton purchased the famous boots and coots company 8 days before the rig blew up… why does that matter?

    boots and coots is the clean up crew in the gulf….

  18. TheCrackerMc says:

    Too annoying

  19. MrPoliticsGeek says:

    @eternalstarsurfer lol, haha thanks~

  20. MrPoliticsGeek says:

    @misstaramcmahon thank you misstara! for your comment!
    I’ve heard that BP has now “some control” but it’s not nearly complete yet!

  21. MrPoliticsGeek says:

    @thelawrising haha thanks lawrising for understanding~
    If I could get the entire America to get into one forum room and have a nice civil debate, supported in depth w/ cited sources, I really would! but sadly, I don’t think it’s realistic to expect anyone to watch anything that doesn’t interest them.
    My hopes are that i cud inform the avg american who usually tends to watch somethng more interesting than the news!

  22. MrPoliticsGeek says:

    @DannySouless Heya DannySouless! thank you for the compliment, man! I appreciate it! 😀

  23. JerbyVlog says:


  24. eternalstarsurfer says:

    You got it going on man.

  25. EdisunSolar says:

    In my lifetime the Gulf oil 911 is the biggest weapon of mass destruction that I ever witness, way beyond money and the Bull that the Federal government can clean it up. If the Federal Government did not exist the inside 911s would not happened.
    America your under siege and being taken from the inside out ask questions demand answers start with the so called president. Wake up -separate from the Federal Union Unincorporated and become self supporting, independent its what America was built on

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