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Permeable Cone Stocking (Oil Corral): Oil Spill Solution?

Posted on May 30, 2010 by bp complaints

Recorded via Skype. Interview with Eric Lewis who came up with the permeable cone stocking idea to help solve the crisis of the BP oil spill.

Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and David Bender discuss the political, economic, and environmental impacts of the BP oil spill that is currently pumping an estimated 200000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. RJSoftware2000 says:

    I have a solution. Take deflated/empty hot air balloon attach heavy lead weight to balloon top and connect concrete pump hose to bottom balloon opening. Lower balloon (lead weight first) into leaking hole, then when the balloon is lowered low enough fill the balloon with concrete/heavy mud/etc. The balloon fills up and like a plug plumbers use clogs the hole. RJ

  2. RyPetermannQuickHit says:

    Click on my title for my musical comment.!!!!

  3. Allamericom says:

    The Governmental 911’s ploys has not done us in yet still more to come.
    Wake up America

  4. Allamericom says:

    No collar around the rig site? the Government PUT OUT THE FIRE? which let the oil spread into a national disaster? an Obama 911 back to work plan?- Who is our government working for? clearly not USA.
    Governmental u tube sites are blocking and edited from American comments – Band all block sites
    Wake up fools a planed failed government at work in front of your eyes O-ne B-ig A-ss -M-isstake A-merica
    Wake up America watch but learn – UNder a911 siege
    stooges, prophecies or Obamanation?

  5. matnels1 says:

    Interesting idea. Wouldn’t work well if at all though, as the mesh would plug up quickly with oil and ocean currents would just collapse/twist it and tangle it around, and tear it apart. Even if you tried using some sort of a strong kevlar mesh reinforced with steel cables, it would still plug up and fail, and the length required, and forces involved are just too great to make it work. Keep trying!

  6. dominacio says:

    @ActsOfFreedom You’re absolutely spot on! These corporate manics knew what they were doing when they pushed through the ‘Marijuana Tax Act’ eliminating Hemp’s gift to humanity. rr

  7. quitearow says:

    yeah right

  8. roachmobile says:

    I notice that the regular right wing crowd doesn’t post thier talking points here. Probably because Papantonio calls them out on all the B.S.

  9. ActsOfFreedom says:

    There’s a video out about people using hay to absorb the oil in the water.
    Search “hay oil spill” IT WORKS !!!!!

    Hemp oil is the best way to replace fossil fuels
    It can produce vast quantities of oil per acre
    It burns clean
    It needs no pesticides
    It can produce several crops per year
    If it spills, it contaminates nothing
    No wonder the campaign against it– it is a clear competitor to petroleum
    Don’t just make it legal– compel farmers to produce it

  10. dizzymasekela says:

    Tea baggers don’t give a shit about the Gulf, the Gulf Coast, or the working stiffs who depend on a healthy Gulf. Tea baggers will still keep whining about Obama CUTTING their taxes.

    Tea baggers are mental-midget terrorists.

  11. YoutubingForSuccess says:

    we haven’t needed oil for the last 60 years

  12. ActsOfFreedom says:

    If one is busted for drugs, one loses one’s assets.
    Equal justice should apply here. A felony is a felony.

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