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Pelican washed ashore….was he BPed?

Posted on May 17, 2010 by bp complaints

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Pelican washed ashore….was he BPed?
bp oil spill 2010
Image by slkeith

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  1. ingemarsmith says:

    What should happen to Halliburton and BP execs?

  2. slkeith says:

    You know what SHOULD happen, but there is not a good track record here for punishing the misdeeds of the super rich or big business. They should be tried for murder-of the workers killed by their negligence in not buying the equipment that would stop the leak-something amost all other countries require, but, of course, NOT the US. I don’t know how to put a price on the the damage to the ecosystem, the economic devastation to all who eke out a living from the sea and the beaches. For one, I think the record breaking $6.1B profit for the 1st quarter of this year should be put to use to help all those people and to help with the clean up as well.

    (AP) BP PLC, Europe’s second-largest oil company, said Tuesday that first-quarter profit more than doubled from a year earlier to $6.1 billion due to higher crude prices and lower production costs and taxes.

  3. eyepiphany says:

    Capital punishment! Gross negligence leading to planetcide. Guilty as charged!

  4. eyepiphany says:

    This probably isn’t kosher but I just posted a copy of this photo on my facebook page because I feel like people need to see what lies ahead after this disaster. This is such a great but oh so horrible image. I made sure to mention that this photo was taken by slkeith and originally posted on flikr.

  5. slkeith says:

    Thank-you for posting and also for crediting me. I consider it an honor that you shared it. I like your comment-gross negligence leading to planetcide. We need a people’s world court.

  6. eyepiphany says:

    Thank you so much for your gracious permission. I removed the pic because I was starting to feel like a pirate but will now post it again with the same credit. Guess the stupid 100 ton dome was a wash. What a shock. Arrgghhh. The original, then optimistic estimates back in 2009 estimated that 31 Billion gallons of crude oil and other mixed gases might be found in the Tiber reservoir. This is going to be planetcide if we have to wait months for them to try to drill in again to block the leak : (

  7. slkeith says:

    And all made much worse because BP (Biggest Polluter) didn’t let any one know about from the start and then lied and said it was under control. Might not have been so bad if we had that first week to start trying something to stop it.

  8. eyepiphany says:

    You have a knack for those apt acronyms doncha know! : ) I have no words at this point, only new perennials to brighten my mood and or drift in to my own nimby bubble. Sheesh PS: Your Cloud pics enveloping and some of your macro blows my mind. I bought the new Canon 100mm macro with IS and am still on a learning curve. I just don’t understand how you produce such fine macro but I’m also not familiar the cameras you use.

  9. slkeith says:

    Wow-thanks for that. Many were done with an old (for the times) Minolta (remember them?) dimage-its digtal, but not SLR. I think the lens on that camera must be really good-even being only 3.6 MP it did a good job. I just got a Nikon P100-still not SLR, but I’m test driving it. Both of these cameras are similar in apprearance, have a pretty nice zoom. I like them because they are light weight, but I am still deciding on a dig. SLR. Lots to consider and lots of choices. I shot for years with a 35mm SLR, favorite lens was a 35-135mm. I’m open to suggestions.

  10. eyepiphany says:

    I am still puzzled at how good your macro looks (eg Man o’ War ). I’m not glass or camera snob in the least, just another fool out who hopes better glass will make me something less of an EeejIt most the time. I shoot with a 450 D Rebel Xti, last years model that, as online adverts suggest, is falling hopelessly behind the new and dazzling arrray of new Canon digital bodies. I have a decent array of glass and shoot mostly with primes more than zooms. I am still on a steep learning curve but am slowly figuring out there is often a use of full manual mode if you can guestimate the best AV/TV and start making incremental adjustments from there. But there is no such luxury of composition when you’re after a portrait snap and I do love people but also don’t like sniping. So I guess I’m trying to learn how to be a little more insinuating but friendly in order to catch people, how they’re dressed, what there doing in this moment of time on planet earth. Especially before the BP spill reaches the left coast! —sheesh

  11. slkeith says:

    There is a lot to ponder in the equipment arena, and once you decide on something, 6 months later its big brother/sister will come out-you can’t stay in the front line there unless you have $$ to burn. I like shooting people too, usually at protests/rallies/vigils and there is something to be said for carrying a less obtrusive camera around. Not to be secretive about capturing them, but a smaller camera is sometimes less threatening, or seems to have less of an influence on the energy in the air. But I really like having control over depth of field, and being able to focus on what I (not the auto focus camera) am trying to capture. Hey – when you said left coast were you facing south or north?

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