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Oil Spill Disaster 2010 (part48) – Is Halliburton to Blame For Gulf Oil Spill Conspiracy in the Gulf

Posted on May 11, 2010 by bp complaints

Footage about the greatest oil disaster of all times (2010 Gulf) Watch at ur Planet like it would be ur Child! dont close ur eyes! do ur part! be nature citizan!

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  1. NatureCitizan says:

    i dont exactly if its true but i have seen and heare in some youtube clips that he finaly gets money from bp…. and made an deal with them tso they dosnt needed the emergency shutoff

    thats horrible
    hopefully that spill ends soon… its now allmost 3 weeks omfg!

    greetings barney

  2. steve89z says:

    @NatureCitizan hello austria,usa here.i live in the dumbass country of the usa,land of corruption where oil companies are king.obama is an asshole!

  3. steve89z says:

    special place in hell for obama and all the oil cronies.obama you son of a bitch!

  4. debrainwasher says:

    The good news are, oil deposits will be depleted within 25-35 years. Consequently, humanity will exintct itself in cruel nuclear wars for the last remaining resources. Hence, earth will get a pause for the next couple of millions of years to regenerate itself. Then, a humanity V2.0 can try to do it better.

  5. seredenko87 says:

    Eh, a lot know, and by doing YOUR part, this 80+ series, you actually give us who do know and care a bit more information to act and meditate upon. GREAT JOB 😀 btw, have you added a video on how human hair is actually the number 1 spill boom material?

  6. NatureCitizan says:

    hmm its sad that so many peeps dont even know whats goin on… i live in austria an here 7/10 dont even know that there is an oil spill :/
    omg! thats when i startet puting them together that hopefully more peeps see whats goin on and how bad it finaly is 🙁

    greetings barney

  7. markwessex says:

    Americans are blaming BP. OK. That may be right. How about taking responsibility for US companies that have killed thousands across the world through incompetence? Bhopal in India for example. US is still not allowing its criminals to stand trials. So, again this is double standards. One law for over fed US folk and another for rest of the world, EH?

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