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Gulf Oil Spill April 2010 -NOW : They CAN’T fix it!!!!!. ITS A WRAP HERE!!!!!

Posted on May 12, 2010 by bp complaints

WATCH THIS!!!!!! www.youtube.com Global Economic Crash, Earthquakes (BTW Indonesia got hit yesterday 7.4), Floods, Shit falling from space, Volcanic eruptions and OIL SPILL. U name it its happening

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  1. 19761011 says:

    @crownman11 DVD homie. U might be able to find it online at those free movie websites

  2. snakejohnson says:

    @SiriusMoor9 okay guys. you don’t have to over analyze everything that is written on youtube. You can believe what you want. Just because I have a difference of opinion doesn’t mean that I am against you, or that there needs to be a debate about it. No matter where the white man came from, he’s not healthy for us or this planet. At least that can be agreed upon.

  3. snakejohnson says:

    I don’t deny that the some Asian and African countries have taken on the mindset of the European and are repeating all of his bad habits. All for some made up construct called money. Why do you think that certain animals became extinct only after the European showed up on the continents? And not just animals, entire races of people have gone extinct thanks to European diseases and weaponry. It ridiculous that you have to keep an animal in a zoo just to keep it alive. And even that fails.

  4. SiriusMoor9 says:

    @snakejohnson You just invalidated your claim jus then when you said, “You don’t BELIEVE that’s true!”

  5. snakejohnson says:

    @GrandMAHatesCoons I guess the Chines aren’t asians anymore, but judging by your screen name I can see that I’m not dealing with a grad student. Humans have not been sucking the planet dry for thousands of years. Just like in the matrix, everyone else seemed to build a natural equilibrium with their environment and their population seemed to level off. Europeans destroyed much of their own land (at least the parts that were good to begin with) Then they decided to spread out and start raping.

  6. neteraset9 says:

    You know what-despite the unfortunate Hurricane Katrina event i’m glad many of our people left that city New Orleans. Just imagine if many of our people were still there-they would have to inhale the horrible pollution from the oil spill, also the horrible oil drenched water coming in from the ocean that would flow into their taps.

  7. snakejohnson says:

    @GrandMAHatesCoons Cartoons are not a white man invention. In fact you guys don’t know how to invent anything that doesn’t have to do with destruction or some sort of sexual deviancy. And don’t get angry at me because I actually want the planet I live on to survive. Maybe you should have a talk with your people and tell them to stop creating things that are destroying the Earth.

  8. MrRocketman2010 says:

    Are these people for fucking real,…..they tell you right on the can of car oil that the shit cuases cancer!!!!!

  9. KaseyRobinsong says:

    This was by New Orleans?? My guess is they are AGAIN trying to wipe out ancient magick in that area !!

  10. tahthedon says:

    scientists don’t know what the origin of oil is or what it does for the planet, i looked it up. they just knew it took hundreds of thousands of years to process. and that was an hypothesis.
    basically we are using up something really important to the planet and we know nothing about what it does for earth. for all we know it can evil or anti black hole fluid or a fuel that helps life form on this planet.

  11. Amunet369 says:

    @GrandMAHatesCoons no one believes your ISFET (LIES) anymore tamahu….and it proves that you are concerned about that by watching and commenting ignorance on a BLACK CHANNEL….i am only enjoying the fact that you are uncomfortable with your present situation….GAME OVER tamahu….LMMFAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO!

  12. Amunet369 says:

    @19761011 any news on the haiti political riots?

  13. TheDonSante says:

    Imagine that Halliburton a day before the explosion was “tinkering” underwater. Just like when they were “tinkering” bringing in truckloads of “supplies” and false fire drills days before the trade center attacks…. Hotep!

  14. Maypouri says:

    To snakejohnson,the story don’t say that YT was created out nothing,we created them trough our recessive germ.,it was a genetic manipualtion,not a frankestein like stuff…

  15. 2224life says:

    hahaha of coaese its haliburton

  16. crownman11 says:

    @19761011 The movie The Island is that in the theaters or on DVD?

  17. KnowledgeSeeker7 says:

    @19761011 Straight up! “The Island” is the shit….

  18. gettinmonee says:

    @ 1: 26 81

  19. snakejohnson says:

    @19761011 Because I don’t actually believe that the white man was literally created in a cave by a black scientist, I’m dumb? I don’t know that it is true. I don’t doubt that the European is a genetic abnormality because it seems like they have no spiritual connection with this planet. My theory is that they are a completely different species that developed separate from the indigenous peoples of earth. I don’t know if I want my ancestors to have to take credit for creating a monster.

  20. Maypouri says:


  21. ponkvrij says:

    we in the ragne-roc nagas!

  22. RwKhuti says:

    ….. anyone notice? BP? anyone.

    i mean dude right here is taking responsibility for this XD

    “black power is taking responsibility for this XD”

  23. Slojamoz says:

    i read the owner of the rig Transocean was hired by BP(haliburton) to drill in the first place and just got over a 400 mil dollar insurance payoff after the rig blew! sounds “remarkably” similar to WTC ins payoff…..watchout Sears Tower owned by the same ppl….

  24. DevonMaleModel says:

    @henrynzidane24an. Yea it’s time to fry those genetically inferior aliens and give them skin cancer. They gonna wish they were Black after it’s all over.

  25. 19761011 says:

    @joshprice1000 Watch the movie ” the Island” The Tamahu situation is connected to that film.


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