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Gulf BP Oil Spill Video of robot capping well RAW RobotCam

Posted on May 24, 2010 by bp complaints

Different Camera than the previous NOAA robotcam footage I uploaded.
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  1. All4GayUSA says:

    This was at the beginning of the month of may, its much worse now and still no signs of ever stopping. The destruction of life on our planet is at hand…

  2. easytodo123 says:

    search youtube by my name “easytodo123” look for video titled “GULF COAST BP OIL SPILL BEST FIX ” thanks you for looking

  3. JEFFMOUF says:

    Great for this stupid american…LOL

  4. Thetruthishere11 says:

    these videos don’t show leaks or explain anything.

  5. t1e2s3ting123 says:

    Here is your title: “Spill, Baby, Spill”

  6. marzolian says:

    It’s great video, and keep posting. But this was a cut and nothing has been capped yet. Can you please come up with better titles, and more description of what’s going on?

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