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First Person: Gulf Oil Could Hit Miss. Town

Posted on May 07, 2010 by bp complaints

Waveland, Mississippi Mayor Tommy Longo talks about the potential impact of the Gulf oil spill to the region’s fishing and tourism industries. (April 30).

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  1. N2fishin says:

    isnt it funny how they couldnt shut off the valve so they had to wait until they could come up with a method that would alow them to collect the oil and still be able to use it. at the cost of our wetlands!

  2. tinram745 says:

    @ReverendIrreverent1 : what do those fisherman power their boats with? i don’t think they use sail boats.

    it was an accident. this was not meant to happen.

    i want you to do a little research into the northern alberta tar sands……then you’ll see a huge environmental disaster. and this is allowed to happen.

  3. ReverendIrreverent1 says:

    Tell ,it to the fishermen on the Gulf Coast.
    Capitalist Creed:
    Make as much money as you can
    No matter how much blood you have to spill.

  4. tinram745 says:

    @ReverendIrreverent1 : do you think? if we kept all oil drilling on land, how do we meet global demand? there is far too much oil below the ocean to be ignored.

    be it land or water, oil has always created huge environmental disasters. just take a look at the alberta tar sands. i’m sorry, but until we develop new “green” energies, we will still put a huge demand on conventional oil. and this being said, there will be huge environmental sacrifices.

  5. ReverendIrreverent1 says:

    @tinram745 We don’t
    Land based drilling only

  6. ReverendIrreverent1 says:

    I am against off shore drillin
    This is not an isolated incident
    Spills are being fought all over the world at all times.
    Land based drilling is fine with me

  7. tinram745 says:

    @ReverendIrreverent1: do you drive a car? do you eat? do you use plastic products? are you suggesting that there’s a better way to obtain oil from the earth? like the ecological disasterous tar sands in northern alberta? we need oil and that’s the bottom line. unless there’s a better way to get oil from the ground, disasters like this will continue to happen.

  8. cdltpx says:

    @redbrest I wish they would raise gas prices then perhaps we would cut to the chase. Peak oil has passed and gas prices will raise like it or not. Eventually we will not have any cars. Why not change now to rail energy efficient ways before a gun is to our head. If we do it now while we have all that power it will be much easier and we will save the enviroment.

  9. redbrest says:

    @JOS3EMMANUEL Right ! greedy 8uckers .And now there going to say they need to raise gas prices across the country.

  10. JOS3EMMANUEL says:

    @redbrest GREED

  11. redbrest says:

    This is so sad for everyone. How could they let this happen ?

  12. Reverseflush says:

    I feel sorry for all those poor animals. Now they can’t be caught and eaten.

  13. BertGriffin88 says:

    What are those worthless NASA scientists/engineers & all their dope smoking, coke snorting, porn watching bottom feeding contractors doing? America’s looks like going to Mars, we can’t cap a blow oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Put a stop work on all those tripped out NASA dummies and make them come up with a technical solution to clean this oil spill up. Are these NASA people too good to work this problem? Obama, stop working this problem like you’re stupid.

  14. ReverendIrreverent1 says:

    We don’t

  15. starcatcher7777 says:

    Another British Mess ! Where is their Royal Navy ! ?
    NO Foreign Oil Companies off of American Shores !
    Who or what caused this ? Now tell me who would have an interest in chilling American opinion on the USA drilling and not importing foreign oil !
    Remember Dianna !?
    Also remember — Iran + Iraq + Afghanistan + Pakistan + Zimbabwe + Somalia + ++++ were ALL British Colonies !

  16. tinram745 says:

    @ReverendIrreverent1 : how else do we get the oil that’s situated below the ocean?

  17. nostikskull says:

    bill ayers blew it up.

  18. ReverendIrreverent1 says:

    Offshore drilling was a really bad idea

  19. lordcrobar says:

    Another epic failure for NObama

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