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Dr. Ian MacDonald Discusses BP’s Inaccurate Oil Spill Estimates

Posted on May 27, 2010 by bp complaints

Dr. Ian MacDonald Discusses BP’s Inaccurate Oil Spill Estimates visit: firedoglake.com

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  1. julsHz says:

    Dr. MacDonald, et al. wrote about their preliminary findings in the NYTimes (online) Op-Ed section today. They propose that since the oil output is mixed with gasses, it may be readily mixing with and dispersing in layers well beneath the surface- that this is why we don’t see the whole of it on the surface. The unseen underneath may be orders of magnitude larger than what we see up top. They also make some recommendations about readily available techniques for accurate measurements.

  2. scorpionkings says:

    You really expected honesty from an oil company?

  3. MrLes01 says:

    I don’t think anyone is suorised that BP lied about how much oil has been going into the gulf and that they used the cheapest and most toxic dispersion chemical available

  4. pasnell says:

    Why isn’t any one dumping rocks and mud…and sand…and everything they can get to cover up the broken pipe???

    I think BP is working to “Preserve” the well FIRST….and think about the environment last..

  5. cmfluteguy says:

    The data should all be up by Monday I hear.

    Thanks to Obama and Democrats.

    The GOP and Libertarians call this “government interference”.

    WE call it “the power of the people”.

    Nationalize the energy industries.

    Our natural resources are too valuable to be exploited by amateurish, non-scientific, greedy, lying corporations.

    It is our foremost national security issue by far!!!!

    By the way, lets defund the military while we are insuring our survival as a nation!

  6. bamboo4tameshigiri says:

    @SocialDemocracyFTW Maybe if she was doing naked news…

  7. SocialDemocracyFTW says:

    In these dark times, at least we can all take comfort in how hot Contessa Brewer is.

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