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Deepwater horizon(close up)

Posted on May 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Fighting the fire on my vessel(the last night)
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  1. XStormfalconX says:

    What a surreal sight!

  2. a2zhandi says:

    @karrskarr don’t believe it

  3. karrskarr says:

    @slider1860 Depth, depth, depth 🙂

  4. karrskarr says:

    @a2zhandi Good glad to see God wants you off! Man did this! Sheeshhh!

  5. joseantqm says:

    el daño es impagable a s e s i n o s….

  6. aldemargv says:

    Esperemos a que el daño ambiental sea el mas minimo…. respecto a la responsabilidad de BP para con los gastos del daño ambiental, considero que BP posee los recursos suficientes para mitigar y compensar los daños que se estan ocasionando. Gracias por el video…

  7. funstuff2006 says:

    The heat must have been incredible…

  8. a2zhandi says:

    God did this. He feels this world has gotten out of control. Just as it has so many times in history. This civilisation will come to an end. And a new one will form. The cycle will continue for eternity or when and if “man” will ever do, act, and or behave as he should.
    4 months into this year, many disasters have struck already. 2012 end times has begun.
    The end. Good bye

  9. slider1860 says:

    This just really sucks. I can think of many ways in many different circumstances to cap off a pipe under high pressure as long as you can get to it. If getting to it is a problem, blow everything out of the way. If the pipe has 3 leaks in it, cut the pipe ahead of the leak. Take the ROV clamp a hydraulic cutoff saw to the pipe and cut it off. Clamp a shut off valve to the pipe and close the valve. THAT IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE!!! Why are they trying to figure out anything else??

  10. ogmonkey27 says:

    @thermonuclearwarfare Yup….I was just thinking that watching another video. “Maybe this will end up “HELL on EARTH.” What if all that oil filled all the oceans? The oceans on fire sounds like hell to me… Get ready..

  11. aulrwathe says:

    This is intense!

  12. thermonuclearwarfare says:

    hell on earth

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