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Deepwater Horizon update, May 14, Todd Masson

Posted on May 23, 2010 by bp complaints

Louisiana Sportsman Editor Todd Masson gives an update on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacting Louisiana’s fisheries.

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  1. opal1920able says:

    hurry up and fish, and put extra in the freezer, just in case it does get contaminated with toxic dispersants. Hopefully not, but never know with unpredicatble flow, and currents. Good luck fishing.

  2. opal1920able says:

    what about the disspersants, highly carrcinogenic at least the one being used by BP. im not eating any more fish, except for inland lake fish. im not going to eat any shrimp, or oysters not with those disspersants, not so much the oil that scares me but the disspersants.

  3. opal1920able says:

    The news claims that the oil, thick and heavy has just hit Louisanas coast. Now just imagine that it being 30X bigger and thicker for each day it has been leaking on top of that, it will keep leaking for who knows how long. A major diasaster plus the most toxic disspersant being used, which is banned in the U.K. when there are much less toxic dispersants that could have been used. Criminals, they need a life sentence for manslaughter and lying, covering up a major catastrophe.

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