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Deepwater Horizon Spill Explained by Al Jazeera

Posted on May 20, 2010 by bp complaints

Al Jazeera looks at what engineers are facing in trying to stem the flow of oil. 2nd Confirmed Oil Rig Overturns in Gulf. Story here And out of the “Huffingtonpost” www.huffingtonpost.com (presstv.com) www.presstv.com Allegedly: “US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig” Out of the “EU Times” SINCE I HAVE HAD PEOPLE TELL ME THEY TOO HAVE GOTTEN THE MALWARE FROM THE OFFICIAL EU WEBSITE IM TAKING THE LINK DOWN … IF YOU WANT TO READ IT YOU CAN GOTO THAT SITE THROUGH GOOGLE. HERE’S ANOTHER LINK, ITS NOT FULL STORY THO www.wral.com A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russias Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Koreas torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by the Worlds largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean that was built and financed by South Koreas Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., that has caused great loss of life, untold billions in economic damage to the South Korean economy, and an environmental catastrophe to the United States.

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  1. rickbar123 says:


  2. MrTabby5000 says:


    the oil molecules mix with the water molecules,eventually the water will be cleaned by nature in a few hundred years.

  3. MrTabby5000 says:


    If there was regulation the steel might be of better quality,maintenance might have been done,and that blowout preventer battery might have been charged up.Yes I heard there was a dead battery.

  4. steeleye65 says:

    @MrTabby5000 That explains what? Infrastructure gets built during every president’s administration. The rig was not built to explode and sink!
    All infrastructure changes over time. Potholed roads, collapsing bridges, crumbling buildings,… for example. It is what the custodians/owners of the structure does with it over time that counts. Are you really so stupid to think Bush owns this because it was built 10 years or so ago?

  5. MrTabby5000 says:


    The rig was in the gulf since the bush administration.

  6. steeleye65 says:

    At what point will Barack Obama blame his political enemies for this disaster? BP has been a disaster waiting to happen for many years and several administrations. Obama could have headed this off if he wasn’t so unable to re-prioritize his agenda. He owns this one and the recent mining disaster.

  7. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @MrMaxoveride Thats 9,969,000 – 830,439,000 barrels

  8. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @MrMaxoveride Yes sir … but did you know that in 1991, 418,698,000 – 34,878,438,000 gallons of oil was spilled into the Persian Gulf? Thats 9,969,000830,439,000 barrels of oil and the Ocean didnt die from that. Largest Oil spill in history.

  9. MrMaxoveride says:

    DID you know that it only takes one quart of moter oil to make 250,000 gallons ocean water toxic to wild life in the Ocean. 5000 gallons of oil a day? AND this could take everal months to fix if the fix even works. This is the worst disaster EVER N THE HISTORY OF OUR PLANET!!!

  10. MrMaxoveride says:

    DID you know that it only takes one quart of moter oil to make 250,000 gallons ocean water toxic to wild life in the Ocean. 5000 gallons of oil a day? AND this could take everal months to fix if the fix even works. This is the worst disaster EVER N THE HISTORY OF OUR PLANET!!!

  11. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @MrMaxoveride The same people who will pay for this will also pay for this … /watch?v=xnA_rJneBUg
    And they will experience the worst suffering one cant even imagine with no hope in sight …

  12. MrMaxoveride says:

    @o0Levitikuz0o War is in inevitable

  13. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @MrMaxoveride Oh i know … I had a big old rant on someone else’s video on how many people will starve because of this, probably Millions … the “Trickle down effect” will now turn into the “Trickle up effect” hitting the poorest 1st and going on up … this is going to be alot worse then most have even thought about … and now basically the entire EU is going under and the US is suppose to “bail” them out … this worlds economy can’t handle something like this right now …

  14. MrMaxoveride says:

    @o0Levitikuz0o This is catastrophic!!!! Does anyone not realize how bad this is! This will KILL ALL OCEAN LIFE!! Do you know how bad that is. This will destroy the food chain!! Millions will starve! MILLIONS!! Some one is going to fucking pay dearly for this!!

  15. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @MrMaxoveride lmao … ya, something is obviously being covered up … and it’s even more obvious since there is a 2nd Oil Rig that overturned and you dont hear anything about that … go look at pictures of it on fire from above and there is a huge hole on the helipad and its not even in the fire … very strange place for a hole

  16. MrMaxoveride says:

    OK does anyone else not see this? What in the hell caused the rig to sink??? CAUSE AND EFFECT PEOPLE!? Something happened; these things just don’t spontaneously sink for any dam reason!

  17. bonegristler says:

    @bonegristler correction, so it will not erode the coastline. lol argh

  18. bonegristler says:

    what a huge load of crap, the real story here is that this is a covert illuminati mission to intentionally fill the ocean with oil, to soften the blow of an earth bound comet that scientist estimate will strike in the atlantic ocean anywhere in the next 3-6 months, in which the general press is not alerting us to. it is also a way of coating the coastline with a flexable surface barrior, so that the predicted tsunamis will not erode the soil.

  19. boots920 says:

    – Mandatory safety well not in place (corruption of government)
    – Cheap fail safe was used (the more expensive one should have be used if no safety well was drilled.
    – 40% of all sea food for the states gets wiped out
    – livelihood for tourist and fishery gets wiped out
    – wildlife gets wiped out
    The people that should be accountable – Walk Away – corruption proven
    Just wait when the dollar collapses that’s when the real fun starts.

  20. o0Levitikuz0o says:

    @0871368021 That’s what I said when I saw this … No problem.

  21. 0871368021 says:

    finally….an explaination. thanks.

  22. Xendrius says:

    Good to know.

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