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Deepwater Horizon Fire, Daytime Footage

Posted on May 19, 2010 by bp complaints

B-roll of the oil fire rig fire off the coast of New Orleans, La. Scenes include daytime footage of Coast Guard ships spraying water on the oil rig fire. Produced by Chief Warrant Officer LM Bryant, Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans.

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  1. 1ilovemj says:

    1.take a deep breath
    2. think of someone u like
    3. press F10 5 times
    4. send this to 5 youtube videos
    5. look at ur backround

  2. cory640 says:

    When will our dependence on this extremely unstable industry finally end?

  3. UtubeVerticalSurfer says:

    (Part 1) How many AMERICANS really believe this was a (F*cking) accident? This is industrial espionage, chaos theory for industry and those in bed with them to force us into bondage and sell us there own solutions (more bondage) raise gas prices, raise food prices etc on and on! They create the problem and present the solution! This is premeditated! industrial espionage. Industry doing what it wants to force AMERICAN people to DO WHAT THEY WANT!

  4. UtubeVerticalSurfer says:

    (Part 2) How long does this have to go on, over and over AMERICA before you wake (The Fck) up! From the passive philosophy THAT AS LONG AS I GET MINE, WHO CARES! God said thou shalt NOT tempt the Lord thy God! AMERICANS are NOT taking there country or there God given stewardship very wisely individually NOR collectively

  5. UtubeVerticalSurfer says:

    (Part 3) (the Government don’t care about us Americans, they are two busy selling us out!) What God giveth God can also TAKE AWAY! The powers that be want to do to the whole world what they have done and are doing to AMERICA but they have to destroy AMERICA first to do it! ARE WE AMERICAN COWARDS JUST GOING TO SIT BACK AND LET THEM! What are forefathers bled and died to give us!

  6. mochoz250109 says:

    I jumped for joy upon hearing of phoebe prince’s death. she’s a fat ugly irish slut. I love watching her writhe in pain. I’m reliving her moment of spectacular death. She tossed and turned on from the rope. Maggots crawled out of her eye sockets and nostrils. Then her body went stiff. She gasped for air, choking on boyfriend’s semen. Then her body went limp and she was no more I wish I were there to capture that kodak moment on camera. I’m gonna pee on her irish grave.

  7. actimusik says:

    LEts go back to riding horseS!!!!!!!!

  8. CondemnedPatriot says:

    @acemanzero did you that the rainforests loose about 200k square miles a year, and this year is expected to be well over 250k, thats the size of Texas. I think at this rate, within 5 years there will be no more rainforests. I wonder what the impact will be on the atmosphere and global wind systems. Im going to laugh when all these rich peices of shit find out that you cant eat money or build your house out of money after all the resources are spent.

  9. acemanzero says:

    Did anyone but me here just thought how humans were created on earth to fuck up the whole world? We dominated everything,We had the intelligence to use every energy source etc, turn lands that were homes to animals to cities..we are the only living thing that could make the world end..Can a fish,bird,dog,pig, or any sort of living mechanism other then human make a Oil well then fucking up and have what is recorded here? Just think about it, this just happand couple days ago.whats next? 2012?

  10. CondemnedPatriot says:


    SO YES. F.U.C.K. T.H.E. H.U.M.A.N. R.A.C.E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. CondemnedPatriot says:

    @budamunk precious government (ACtualyl private investment group aka corporation (Fed Reserve Established in 1933 officially) Will just hand over these energy patents before peak oil? Or do you think that just like every other greedy capitalist organization they will suck us dry until every single last drop of oil is taken from our earth?
    And the apart that tears me up is that none of you will lift a fucking finger to do anything about it.. You will buy their gas tomorrow and shut the fuck up.

  12. CondemnedPatriot says:

    @budamunk But we CANT have all of that because the powers that be… (The UNITED STATES CO.) OWNS all of the fucking patents to ALL of these engines, motors, the good solar panels etc..

    So that leaves us only a few options… Either revolt and forcefully take our patents back and use them, or legally beat them at their own game. Peaceful protests are a joke and I think everyone knows that by now.

    And you all ridicule me for my pessimistic views but the truth is, do YOU have any faith that your

  13. CondemnedPatriot says:

    @CondemnedPatriot The earth contains ALL of the energies (NOT EVEN INCLUDING THE FUCKING SUN) that we need for the next 50.000 years or so. Mostly through geothermal energy. The problem is that these oil cartels and the U.S. Corporation has seized all of the patents that inventors have made throughout the years. Imagine free car battery charges every 20 miles in every city, free household power from your townships solar panel facility. 35k kids FED through vertical farming….

  14. CondemnedPatriot says:

    @budamunk YAYA! People actually wrote back! I’m 23 not 16. I do not pay for internet, nor did I pay for my computer (linksys free internet and my cp is built from recycled outdated machinery mostly acer) Throwing money towards a never ending need for food and resources while continually sustaining and amplifying a pyramid scam-like economy is nothing less than a sick joke.
    So with that said, onto the subject of 35k kids starving daily and a growing need for sustainable energy……

  15. TheMiseryGuts says:

    You must be a real joy to hang out with on weekends. Very pleasant outlook you have on life. You should be a teacher since you would inspire so many people.

  16. budamunk says:

    How old are you? 16? The only reason you are able to do anything in your day to day life including writing utter stupidity online is because people go out to supply our power through oil. So instead of whining about how worthless people are what are you doing about those 35 THOUSAND kids who die. How about selling your computer and canceling your internet to help pay for those dieing children so we dont need to see your BULLSHIT comments on youube!. Opfer!

  17. FlameFury117 says:

    U play combat arms?

  18. CondemnedPatriot says:

    @skwidlipps There is nothing wrong with this picture, we as a species are completely and utterly fucking retarded and all deserve to die. I am seriously loosing whatever hope I had that our species will ever rise up against these corporations (especially the U.S. Co.) and forcefully take our energy patents back that have been literally STOLEN over the past 100 years of so.

    Fuck the human race?

    Oh by the way, 35 THOUSAND kids starved to death today, but hey I beat 2v1 on combat arms!

  19. Shuhnyxia says:


    the actually have a tube(from where the water gets taken. and pump it to the boat) they deploy far before getting near the fire. so it doesnt get that oily water

    i imagine the engineers who made those boats thought about it before release of plans

  20. dakdewolf says:

    I love how while watching this video an ad for oil pops up on my screen, irony FTW

  21. dragonmaster111 says:

    i heard that the oil spread like 170 miles or something. this kill so many animals. :[

  22. skwidlipps says:

    Did anyone know that there’s 30 thousand oil rigs like this in the gulf. Did you also know that the gov has been suppressing free energy for many years due to the oil cartel and the NWO agenda. What’s wrong with that picture?

  23. TrollingZerk says:

    holy shit!!!! is that an oil rig? :O

  24. VietShzzle says:

    They’re just spraying more oil at it! o.O. Since the explosion, oil must have been leaking into the water, and those boats sucks water and spray it out. Its the same thing as spraying more oil at a burning house.

  25. FlipFloppinGymnast03 says:

    omg thats terrible

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