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BP Slick THE SOURCE 05.07.10.mov

Posted on May 17, 2010 by bp complaints

An aerial view of the BP Slick, ground zero… The Source. Hurricane CREEKKEEPER© flies you to the scene and tells it like I see it! On May 5 we saw it on Chandeleur Islands. On May 7 we saw oil sheen approaching Dauphin Island in Alabama. On May 8 tar balls were washing onshore. Who and where is going to be next.

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  1. jacqklin says:

    Natural disasters are understandable, but man’s meddling is not forgiveable!
    Maybe this is what man needs, what man deserves. More suffering. Until he sees.

  2. jacqklin says:

    If man doesn’t change his own paradigm within him, disasters will continue one after the other until we become another Atlantis. This is inevitable.

  3. jacqklin says:

    Sarah Palin has no mind, no conscious awareness and should be taken down like all the helpless creatures she had MURDERED baby murdered. I pray her karma hit her like a ton of oil barrels…..and all her screaming human monkeys.

  4. Berndaustria says:

    haha and the amis believe in a god who helps them with oil???^^and believing in a god is not grazy, believing we can kill ur earth more and more is not grazy?

  5. Obummer4prez says:

    So many conspiracy theorists on here!! We’ve got Bernd in Austria who believes in UFOs, Illuminati Alumni, etc. Used to be the “crazies” kept their crazy ideas to themselves…now they try to convince others.

    My definition for conspiracy theorists? Paranoid Schizophrenics!!
    What ever happened to LOGIC and good reasoning skills? Common Sense has left the planet… Come on people don’t be idiots!!!

  6. Berndaustria says:

    Mauer bauen von florida nach kuba dnn weiter nach mexik, die gagg amis solln an ihrem scheifff ölwahn zugrunde gehen. und sofort jeden handel mit denen einstellen, und einreiseverbote, setzt die amis auf ne Black-Watch-List! bis sie endlich ihr gehirn einschalten… Amis=Abschaum der Erde, aber wirklich!!!

  7. Obummer4prez says:

    We need to open up ANWR in Alaska!! It won’t hurt the environment because of the new “side-drilling. We also need the oil in Montana… We could be oil independent, but would rather cut off our own nose to spite our face!

  8. NachDenkSeitenInge says:

    Danke fürs Hochladen! Eigentlich müsste man die Verantwortlichen für dieses Desaster bis an ihr Lebensende genau an dieser Stelle im Meer aussetzen. Es sind immer die Gleichen, welche unserer Natur durch ihre Profitgier Schaden zufügen. Es muss endlich Schluss sein damit. Wir müssen in jedem Land Sammelklagen führen und Petitionen einreichen, damit die Ölbohrungen im Meer unterbleiben.

  9. Hatorah says:

    Apocalypse: 1/3 of all waters turned “blood red” and 1/3 of marine life died.
    Now it’s our turn to look on as the Judgements are strongly coming on! People used to mock, laugh and scoff at us… now, what are they saying?
    Let them wait for 2012-2013 for Sun flares to fall on Earth, scorching men! Ouch.
    That’s just another Judgement folks… to those who refused the Son of the Living GOD of Israel. Even so Lord Yeshua, do COME BACK!

  10. GreatNorthwesternRwy says:

    @DillonDee1 : Most recently, I seem to recall (N)Obama crying for increased off-shore drilling. Funny how that never seems to be brought up anymore…

  11. iamtotal says:

    Acknowledgements for this video – it is a major contribution to humanities knowledge of what is looking like a Biblical prophesy – Armageddon!

  12. nync888 says:

    Republicans this is what happens when you de-regulate, what happened at the massey mine, what happened on wall street. Corporations are there to make money, ethics gets in the way of making profit. Reap what you sow, dumb fucks. Still over half of the US think offshore drilling is a good thing, go green or go home (hope that oily flavy seafoody thing is workin’ out for yas!)

  13. hccreekkeeper says:

    @lightwarrior2012 Thank you! This is absolutely NOT just am American issue nor is it just an environmental issue. It is a social disaster that will have world implications!

  14. hccreekkeeper says:

    Thanks sister. I took my lessons well from you. We make a pretty good team… Come on down.

  15. hccreekkeeper says:

    @DillonDee1 the interview can be found on my “Gulf Oil Spill” blog “Hurricane CREEKKEEPER© speaks out in Houston”

  16. hccreekkeeper says:

    @DillonDee1 That is the only reason I did an interview with fox about this. I wanted to go into her arena and tell it like it is. “This should be considered a CRIME”

  17. DillonDee1 says:

    We don’t need no government rules & regulations (screamed Sarah Palin) – we need government to just get out of the way so we can DRILL BABY DRILL.

    And all of the complete idiots around her chanted with her & FOX applauded.

  18. nutmeg42 says:

    @RodneyMarion IT probably isn’t irreversible long term. Mother Nature has a way of bouncing back. But irreversible in our lifetime, yes. Irreversible for hundreds of years or more, quite possible.

  19. nutmeg42 says:

    @victor9245 Already done. I usually tank up at BP on my way home from work. Not anymore.

  20. nutmeg42 says:

    @paqomex It’s going to hit Mexico too. The currents are shifting that way as they do every summer. Don’t know if it will go further south but I suppose it could.

  21. RiverFox911 says:

    Great job, Brother John. Keep up the good work. Love ya, mean it. Donna

  22. lightwarrior2012 says:

    bollocks – you need gasoline – there is so much CLEAR evidence tranport systems can use water or air……..wake up America. You only get upset about things in the planet that Americanised multi nationals screw up when America gers affe cted. WAKE UP all and learn that there is the planet not just the Gulf that will suffer

  23. victor9245 says:

    Let’s destroy BP like they have destroyed the environment. Stop tanking petrol at BP now

  24. Karmathejedi1701 says:

    @paqomex 1 gallon of oil pollutes 1,000,000 gallons of water. The basin contains a volume of 642 trillion gallons of water. 5.8 million gallons of oil erupted in there now.
    9% of the Golf is now polluted. Enough to kill every living creature. Were it to not be fixed & continue to flow, all of the worlds oceans will be polluted by 2012, just in time for the Apocalypse…. or is this the Apocalypse?

  25. veritasfiles says:

    I suspect that this will be a disaster that will have a very long-term impact, but by itself, it won’t be enough to trigger the collapse we are facing. However, it’s just more weight on our economy and our people that we don’t need.

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