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BP oil spill: South of New Orleans fishermen brace for oil

Posted on May 22, 2010 by bp complaints

Footage shot in Venice and surrounding area at end of route 23 in Louisiana, as residents and officials wait for oil to arrive and how to adapt to possible loss of their industry and way of life.
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clean energy news 24/7 UPDATE: the pipe diameter is 20″ (almost two feet) – gives you a sense of scale. The Deepwater Horizon Incident Response Center has released new video of the BP oil pipe leak at its source 5000 feet down on the ocean floor. Thick black crude oil that looks like an underwater volcano can be seen pumping uncontrollably into the water…
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  1. doe7889 says:

    A.C. Cooper …awesome that you have a local attorney’s advice. They dropped the clause, but get those sheets back that the 200 idiots signed.
    The Worst Environmental Disaster in the History of the United States, caused by Britain.

  2. doe7889 says:

    British Petroleum does NOT seem to care about the United States Gulf Coast living organisms, that is including humans. Why would that Nungusser guy say B.P. is helping? . .. . . . . did he fall for the B.P. rep’s line?

  3. iposborn says:

    Thanks for filming this, it will be an important record for the coming weeks. This is such as heartbreaking disaster for ALL.

  4. ln4359 says:

    Excellent video, thank you

  5. gulfsun02 says:

    Thank you for posting this video. I had to rewind it a couple of times because I couldn’t believe one of the speakers explained to his community that BP was going to help them save their coast. Hard to believe there is not even a plan that they (BP) have in place in case such a disaster were to happen again. A training video for the local fisherman? Of course, they may need the work and they are tough enough to, but is this their protocol?

  6. lewisflyer says:

    Stuff Obama in the hole or the CEO of BP that will stop the leak!

  7. OrinjFlames24 says:

    Hey, if this last for about 10x longer they might be shut down, they got about $ 6 billion to spend on this

  8. a2kafg says:

    put a whale in the hole lol

  9. 1313dufferin says:

    Nuke the Whales

  10. HERBERTGRANT says:


  11. flamebreakk says:

    5ft not 2

  12. Homemcardoso says:

    bloody idiots…

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