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BP Oil Spill-Rick Kuykendall-Part 1- The legal issues

Posted on May 21, 2010 by bp complaints

Environmental lawyer, Rick Kuykendall of Fairhope, AL joins Legal Broadcast Network to discuss the BP Oil Spill disaster and the legal issues surrounding this environmental disaster. BP has huge legal and liability issues and Rick Kuykendall is one of the nations leading lawyers and is part of the Gulf Oil Disaster Recovery Group, a consortium of the nations leading environmental and liability attorneys. This two part discussion looks at how the BP Oil disaster occurred, what is happening right now on the clean up, as well as the political and legal issues surrounding the clean up as well. If you are a property owner, fisherman, lawyer or concerned citizen looking to learn more about the BP Oil spill, watch these two videos and go to Legal Broadcast Network each week for further updates and news.

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