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BP Complaints


Posted on May 18, 2010 by bp complaints

BP Oil Spill 2010, Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico: 1800 square miles and spreading.

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    dont drill

  2. momattyfosho says:

    Wont heat make the oil move faster?

  3. MarillionDeVoid says:

    how are you supposed to power this heap?

    go back to kindergarten.

  4. onlydlonly420 says:

    hate videos w/ no sound

  5. WARLOCK70 says:

    How about a demo to prove that it works. Even so I think if they wanted this fixed it would have been a long time ago. Can you say eco system for population?

  6. kalvinlewisiscoolyea says:

    this works about as good as my science fair project. I basically shoved a 80 watt lightbulb into a potatoe and called it “failed renewable resource” GOT AN A+

  7. 10kcampfire says:

    how are they going to get access to the well for well control to shut it in. after you start sucking on it??????????

  8. MightyDunk says:

    can this work for anal use to suck my poop out?

  9. etellurian says:

    Could one clamp a large rubber bladder on to the pipe? A valve could be placed on the bladder to collect the oil.


  10. mahmoud4u says:

    This will not work the deeper you go into the water the greater the pressure, not only that it also has to go through testing which is also difficult.

  11. metube795 says:

    The underwaterfootage shows that de pipe is horizontal. That makes it hard to fit the “bottle”over the leek. And what if it works…. Should BP leave it like that?
    Why not squeeze the pipe until it is flat? After that the pipe can be closed permanently

  12. 100eyes says:

    I was actually hoping to see some kind of a working prototype…

  13. xevilninjax says:

    find a solution to prevent leaks first

  14. ronwao says:

    You’re to be commended for your effort. Not sure it would work but at least you’re giving it some thought unlike some of the others who post stupidity and show their ignorance. Thank you.

  15. willfuckforbeer says:

    cool sex toy

  16. urasukup says:

    u should make it a little bit bigger and i dont think that them fans will work maybe punps or somthing bigger?

  17. Gpoint177 says:

    dude what a shit…..

  18. MrHumdrumjr says:

    make it work…

  19. bobodd5 says:

    @intrepiddobermans because theyre greedy and want some oil out this well before they cap it

  20. intrepiddobermans says:

    Why don’t they just stick a huge rubber balloon in the pipe and slowly fill it with concrete until it expands to seal the pipe???

  21. jefe241 says:

    @TriFlow I sent the president an email with the link in it

  22. jefe241 says:

    Ah I see suck in the Oil and filter out water, saving a lot of oil and helping the environment. Your a freaking genius!

  23. McAppleWar says:

    i dont understand how that cool thing is going to remove the oil that is in the sea…

  24. TriFlow says:

    So after all that we didn’t get to see if it worked…. The government will be calling you about this great idea….. Wait by your phone!

  25. dromedar74 says:


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