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BP Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup Fail

Posted on May 29, 2010 by bp complaints

(mirror) Original video: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A young sea turtle, coated with rust-red oxidizing oil, struggles to climb onto a piece of driftwood to escape “dispersed” oil off Venice, LA. Our boat captain lifted the turtle out of the water, rinsed it in clean sea water, motored 2 miles away from the oil & released the turtle, who swam off like a little bottle rocket, looking much cleaner & more energetic than when we’d found it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. curt4187 says:

    Stand up for the Queen.. Never!!!

  2. curt4187 says:

    Wow, well said, What does Britain care, there British fools.

  3. emohaircite says:

    running out of plans for this spill as the economy is near an depression =(

  4. theblind1 says:

    I just threw up in my mouth epic is right!

  5. Janet6961 says:

    People don’t get it…The government does not have any control..The oil corp’s have control..It’s that simple.Or all the rigs would be pulled off the water and we would switch now to free energy that is 100 % clean,,.All I can say is America is feeling it’s own Karma…it all goin down,,,God Bless America.

  6. abvisions says:


  7. DJBerber says:

    Yea its as I figured it was, the entire handling of the entire mess is totally FUCKED!! Good luck gulf residents I hope you have a lot of Dawn.

  8. magx01 says:

    This makes me so sad 🙁

  9. rfranknj says:

    what is this music?

  10. EyeMonniker says:

    Well damn. What are those people doing?!

  11. andrejavus says:

    @TheGreenMiles44 sorry, my bad 🙁

  12. TheGreenMiles44 says:

    @andrejavus Always easier to curse than do something hard like read the video description, huh?

  13. baroncorky says:

    One has to ask, why has this product not been used BEFORE the oil hit the shorelines?! AND why is it still not being used? Instead TOXIC dispersants are used?! Black D is a non toxic substance that can be used to absorb oil in spill situations. Please watch this video and witness the amazing results. Black D has been FULLY tested by:
    Environment Canada
    SL Ross Canada
    A.E.A. (Atomic Energy Authority UK)

    Youtube Black D Oil SPill

  14. arkipelagoprod says:

    Ban offshore oil drilling! Ban oil drilling at least until we get our earth in better shape. Let’s go for sustainable and renewable energy.

  15. Deokishisu says:

    Fuck you BP.

  16. KMelKang says:

    @TheGreenMiles44 Thank you for clearing that in my mind. I am just defensive for the Sea Turtles and for babies as well. Sorry for jumping the gun on this. I am just so sicken by all this just breaks my heart.

  17. TheGreenMiles44 says:

    @ponyhorseboy read the full video description (click on it)

  18. TheGreenMiles44 says:

    @KMelKang read the full video description (click on it)

  19. KMelKang says:

    why did not not help this baby out?

  20. IowaArmen says:

    drill baby drill !!!
    bribery baby bribery !!!
    corruption baby corruption !!!
    pandemic obesity baby pandemic obesity !!!
    selfishness baby selfishness !!!
    drill baby drill !!!
    contaminated oceans baby contaminated oceans !!!
    cancer baby cancer !!!
    smog baby smog !!!
    death baby death !!!
    destruction baby destruction !!!

  21. TheChiFinest says:

    Yeah nice job just grabbing the turtle and brininging him to a wildlife refugee center or something. People need to stop saying “o nothing i can do”

  22. ponyhorseboy says:

    you could of help the turtle you know!!!! you’re so cruel to wildlife….waiting till it dies..really? what if that was you!you would want to be saved just think about it!

  23. LAxLakersx24 says:


  24. soundinnovation says:

    Thank you for taking the time to help the turtle!

  25. SubparPanda says:

    Good for you on rescuing him. Hopefully others will be just as kind and help them out 🙂

  26. TheGreenMiles44 says:

    @sivav I love YouTube commenters. I know where you took this video better than where you took this video!

  27. cyberj0be says:

    this is so sad i think we should take every bp oil and transocean exec and drop them in the middle of thier mess and see how they like it

  28. BauriBob says:

    good save. this lifted my spirits.

  29. Ri0tRachel says:

    The captain deserves a pat on the back for taking the time to clean the baby turtle and release him in a safer area.

  30. kustomride says:

    Damn BP and Halliburton.

  31. ChristineDorsey1 says:

    I’m so happy that you all rescued the turtle!

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