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A solution proposal for stopping the oil leaking at Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico

Posted on May 21, 2010 by bp complaints

This is a solution proposal for stopping or reducing the current oil leak caused by the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico. The biggest difficulty is implementing it at 5000 feet depth. Would be interested in knowing what others think about the feasability of this proposal and how to improve it. A special thank you goes out to all those helping out in this disaster. Under the current circumstances lets hope for the best. Andy B.
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NEW ORLEANS – Fire boat response crews battle the blazing remnants of the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon April 21, 2010. A Coast Guard MH-65C Dolphin rescue helicopter and crew document the fire aboard the mobile offshore drilling unit Deepwater Horizon, while searching for survivors April 21, 2010. Multiple Coast Guard helicopters, planes and cutters responded to rescue the Deepwater Horizon’s 126 person crew. US Coast Guard video by Air Station New Orleans

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  1. italianmind1 says:

    watch: gulf of mexico solution

  2. italianmind1 says:

    watch this: gulf o mexico solution

  3. sonofhendrix says:

    Drop the giant pyramid at giza onto it. No even better build a pyramid on top of it, dont forget the Egyptions did it with copper chizels. we have nukes and iphones so its no problem.

  4. agusta1968 says:

    Can they use a big clamp to pinch the riser closed and/ or use a side mounted BOP drilled into side of remaining vertical riser?

  5. ccballou says:

    Would one of you guys please answer the question, why can’t some well placed charges just blow the rig up, thereby collapsing the tunnel upon itself, effectively closing it off? At this point, I don’t think the well should be saved – saving it takes time and the environmental damage and death are too great. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks a lot. Cheryl

  6. MrTomatoes123 says:

    I have a good amount of built up Earwax…that should do the trick…Manny, Moe and jack…

  7. Ibringthetruth1 says:

    a needle type plug by force.

  8. Miata822 says:


    I was just at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston last week. There are some very clever people working on this problem with some amazing technology. Even with all that they will be lucky to be able to stop it in three months when the relief well is scheduled to meet the main bore.

    You are right about using weight to stop the flow. The relief well will pump “mud” into the hole that outweighs the pressure in the well.

  9. Sustainablereference says:

    Thanks for the constructive feedback matnels1 and Miata822.

  10. Sustainablereference says:

    @Miata822 True, I realized there was all this material around the hole shortly after being done with the animation. It for sure would need to be removed first.
    As for the pressure, I did do some calculations based on the pressure that the safety valve that failed was designed to resist and indeed, a BIG amount of lead would be needed to counteract it. But yes, even then it would leak through the sides… …sigh…

  11. matnels1 says:

    It wouldn’t work. The oil is under tens of thousands of psi and would either rip through the fabric, or else just leak out one or all of the sides of it. The well itself needs to be plugged up with cement, or possibly blown up several thousand feet below the surface in hopes that the oceans hydrostatic pressure would collapse the hole and stop the oil flow. Good try though. Keep brainstorming!

  12. Miata822 says:

    A) there is a mile of bent and broken tubing that is strewn over the sea floor leaking and some very large sunken equipment. i.e., it ain’t flat.

    B) the oil is exiting under 15,000 PSI pressure. If some hypothetical material could hold it back at the surface it would just tunnel through the soil until it found an exit as the ongoing leaks off the California coast do. Fortunately those leaks are shallow enough that the pyramid capture devices work there (and have for decades)..

  13. alemoncada says:

    things like this have always happened, but i haven’t seen many turning points, have you? Money is the only interest in this world, for governments, at least. Our politicians seem to worry about this, and nothing else. As if money is everything….it’s a disgrace

  14. annie46664 says:

    This is tragic! OMG! Especially since there is absolutely NEVER any need to remove oil from Earth anyway! If the bastards aka VAMPIRES weren’t so greedy, we would’ve all converted to harmless, readily available & very inexpensive tried & tested alternatives.
    Blinking oil results in unnecessary WARS, assassinations, massive pollution, countless health issues & harm to our most precious planet through removing her BLOOD!
    It’s DISGRACEFUL! Hopefully something like this will create a turning point!

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